Monday, November 23, 2015

What Love is

I saw this the other day...

I used to love Peanuts as a child.
It was my favorite Sunday Cartoon.
I read it every week.

So when this came across my feed 
it caught my eye,
and my heart.

We are entering into what our world tells us is
The Busiest Time of the Year.
The Most Wonderful Season of All.
And yet, society as a whole,
is joyless.
They hustle.
They bustle.
But where is the joy?
Where is the love?
The real love.
You can talk about love all day,
but the tangible, real love of Christ 
flowing in and through lives...
where is that love?

I think about this,
because I love.
I love Jesus.
All the time.
In every season.
But do others know that?

So this season,
during this time,
I challenge you to 
show it!

The other day I was at a stop light.
There was a woman.
A backpack.
A cardboard sign.
This woman.
Something about her.
Broken dreams.
A broken heart.
I could see it.
I reached for my wallet.
Rolled down my window
and she approached.
I gave her a little money,
but it was what happened next 
that remains.
She whispered
"Bless you"
I whispered back,
"Bless you"
then she went to grab the money 
out of my hand,
and for a moment she touched my hand.
On purpose.
And gave me a slight brush.
And with that she went back to the light post
at the stop sign,
and the light changed to green and I proceeded.
As a passed her
she gave me a slight nod.
I nodded back.
The funny thing was,
the hand she touched me with
I didn't want to move.
I wanted to remember the touch of the homeless.
The plight of those who are hungry.
I want to remember.
Her touch was cold,
but soft and FULL of love.
Cold only because the weather was cold,
and she was in a difficult place.

Go out today and affect your world.
Give a cup of cold water,
or warm coffee in Jesus Name.
Be His hands and feet.

Have a Beautiful day ~~ dawn

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday


So I have been contemplating, praying and thinking about 
starting the blog again.
I mean really starting the blog again.
I have missed it SO much lately.
I keep telling myself, I don't have time for such,
and yet, I love the outlet and knowing that 
there are stories being told 
and God is moving in ways that I am recording
here, that perhaps are just not being recorded
elsewhere.  So here we go again.
I hope for a very long time this time =)

And what better way to start than my friend Rebecca Jo's
She's the best!  

This guy.....
This one.
For all my days.
This was taken this summer at Yellowstone.
Seriously, Best man EVER, 
in one of the most beautiful places EVER!
He is kind, daring, dashing and all mine!
I love him SO!

This picture snuck in there when I uploaded,
so I left it.
I'm so thankful we live in a world where there
is Yellowstone.  God kissed this place.
It is amazing!

And this kid.
He LOVES selfies =)
He will grab my phone and go to snapping.
I'm so thankful.
He's getting some good shots.
side note: how old does he look here?

This was a recent trip to the Nature Center.
We LOVE bears.
After our trip to Yellowstone
it sealed the deal.
I LOVE this pic!

And frogs.
He loves and rides all the animals he can =)

He thought this was so funny.
Me too.
I love him so!

I'm SO very thankful him and his daddy
started going to church with us about 7 months ago or so.
It is a rare beautiful joy, to look down our row and see
those two worship Jesus with us.
Our Christmas program is coming up soon,
so we got lots of tickets to hand out.
He asked me yesterday,
"Grandma, can I invite my mom to the Christmas party at church?"
(He calls it a party, cutest thing eveh! I mean it is a party for Jesus right?)
I said, "Of course you can!"
So the first thing he did when we got there to drop him off
last night, was to invite her.  
This boy.
He's gonna get her yet =)

Panera Bread.
Squash Soup.
'Nuff said.

I am a artsy kind of gal.
I like artsy stuff,
like this pic,
and this scarf.

And this boy.
We hung out yesterday.
We had an interesting discussion.
We had lunch.
We had each other in stitches.
So thankful I get to be HIS mama!

And thankful he works at Teavana
and gets me GREAT deals at Starbucks.
Like this mug!
Did I mention the artsy thing?
Yeah, LOVE.
Oh come on now people,
it's just a cup.
That's all I'm sayin' =)

I mean really.
He is so funny.
So much swag and all.
(The boy.  Not me.  I am by all accounts and purposes, swagless). 
It's okay.  I'm a big girl =)

And the Word.
I am SO thankful that God gave us His Word.
It is living and active.
It divides and might I say, also conquers.
I've been studying a lot lately,
and let me just say,
God is good.
Always good.

Have a beautiful day ~~ dawn

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Faith of our Fathers.....and Us

On Monday evenings,
a beautiful group of ladies and myself 
meet for Bible Study.
They are the absolute
They LOVE Jesus and want to 
draw closer to Him.

Last night, we studied the life of Abraham.
His faith astounds and amazes me.
Always has.
God told him to go and Scripture tells us simply,
"He went."
He didn't know where he was going,
he just saddled up the donkey,
got the peeps and went.

He was led by God,
and trusted Him.
At one point this leading lead him up 
Mount Moriah with son and knife in hand.
God was going to ask him to slay his son,
the promised son.
Abraham places him on the altar,
bounds him
and with knife in hand,
lifts his hands to do the unthinkable,
and then....
oh but God,
stopped him!
And when He stopped him,
He said,
"Abraham!  Abraham!"
Genesis 22:11b (NLT)
To which Abraham replies,
"Here I am!"  

He could have said a lot of things,
pleaded with the Father,
but he is obedient,
and then in this moment God (through an angel) 
 tells him not to slay his son Isaac.

Abraham was a man of amazing faith.
He believed God and it was accredited to him as righteousness.

Faith is believing when you can't see,
but you know God said it so you are going to hold
on to that Truth regardless of what the circumstances say.
Where are you with that?
Does that find you in an uncomfortable place?
Or in a place of peace?

For me, I have a situation in my life
right now, that God has told me something about,
but has yet to come to fruition,
so I wait.
And believe Him.
And have faith
and know that His timing is best.
So I wait.
Not wringing my hands.
Not crying in tears everyday and a mess (like I used to),
no I wait in peace,
with expectation,
knowing God is who He says He is,
and will do what He says He will do.
He is the Redeemer.

In Christ Alone ~~ dawn

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Stuff of Life

On our best day,
all dressed up,
all ready to go,
you know,
we are not good enough.
Sin separates
Christ unites.
That is Truth.

In our flesh, 
we try to make ourselves good.
We try to clean it up,
dress it up,
always be on.
We just can't.

On our own,
coming to God is impossible.
We could do every good thing,
and still,
apart from Christ,
fail to be able to come to Him,

But, Oh for the Grace of God,
He wants us to know Him.
To be able to come to Him.
So He made a way
through relationship with Jesus Christ.
It is the only Way.
Oh, but when we do that,
come to Him,
accept Him as our Savior,
He is our advocate,
our intercessor,
going to the Father on our behalf.

Amazing Grace
How Sweet the Sound
That Saved a Wretch like ME!
Once lost
Now found
now I see.

I'm so thankful for the Grace of God
to reach down into the mire
to save a wretch,
a total and complete wretch like me.
Thank you never seems enough.

I've started keeping a thankful journal.
3 things a day.
Oh how the Father opens up my heart
in 3 things a day.
I am a work in progress.

In Christ Alone ~~ dawn

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Morning Evening Worship

Good Evening!
I meant to post this morning,
but our little Grandson got sick last night,
so when he got here this morning
we just hung out with him
and watched church online
and have had a day hanging out with
our little man.

He is feeling much better.  
Praise the LORD!

So instead of Sunday Morning Worship,
let's have Sunday Evening Worship.
Any time is a good time to Worship
our God and King.
Let our song join the one that never ends
Because He Lives!

In Christ Alone ~~ dawn