Sunday, June 8, 2014

Where Do I Begin?

Well hello there!
I'm not even sure where to start.
Let's see I'll start with this.....
I love to blog.
Yep, but have become terrible at it.
Its so easy just to jump on FB
and type out a verse or small update 
and move on.
The blog takes longer but is SO worth it!

Let me begin here
with a few pictures.....
That's a good place to start right?

Well our Sir Cuteness is in California
right now with mama and her family 
on vacation.

This is the longest we have been apart 
practically since he was born.
But he is having a fabulous time!!
He saw the ocean for the first time yesterday,
and he is going to Disneyland this week.
Mickey, Minnie, Olaf
He is MOST excited to see Olaf.
Oh I hope he is wandering about
with his flurry cloud above his head =)

This was taken the night before Sir Cuteness left
on the big ole Jet Plane.
We went to TGIFriday's with 
Eric, Erin and their loves.
Yes my granddaughter Miss Lady Sweetness herself.
Here she is in all her pink bowness.  
Yes it is a spectacular and it appears.

 And here she is with brother,
who incidentally was leaving the next
day to go with his grandparents to Florida for a week.
He will be gone the same time Sir Cuteness
will be, but at opposite ends of the country.

Then it was time for Glow Golf.
How fun.
Well I didn't actually play.

No sir, I VERY happily agreed to watch
this princess.
Look at that hair.
I mean seriously.
The cuteness.

She is a doll.

Ant then Friday morning I woke up 
early and watched this babe sleeping for a bit.
Yes he was leaving later in the day,
but for now, 
my heart was resting in this moment.
I love him so!!!

Then it was off to play tennis.

'nuff said.
Oh how I love him!!
Have I mentioned that?

I just LOVE this pic.
The boys are watching a video of 
Sir Cuteness hanging from a rope.
He did really good.
Held on for almost a minute.
That's big stuff for a five year old.

Here is Sir Cuteness and Hailey
on the plane.
He loved it!!

And then he fell asleep =)

Ok so this seems silly,
but I went to get my face done 
yesterday because I have a new friend
from church that sells Mary Kay and
she was having an event,
so I went.
I loved it!!

She has such a story.
A beautiful, God-filled, story.

Here is my eye.
Not a part of her story,
but so a part of mine.
This is the one that has been infected.
Looking back to normal
and way prettier than normal.
I am not good at make up.
I just wear it.
Does that make sense?
Well, now I feel better at it.

And here I am donning my Huskers hat.
Is it football season yet?

I love y'all!!
Please tell me I will get back into regular blogging?
I sure hope so.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day ~~ 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What we've been up to.....

Winter has been long 'round these parts,
but we have made the most of pretty days 
and even some cold ones.

We have gone to Dairy Queen.
Yes in the winter.
Yes we are ready for spring.
Somehow ice cream makes us feel like spring
is going to come.

Oh Sir Cuteness,
you are so funny.

You and Dr. Pepper.

We had a very windy,
blue skied day,
took advantage of.

The skies were blue.
The grass was brown.
We had SO much fun!!

You LOVED this cone.

I LOVE this boy.
Oh this boy!!!

We ran back home and grabbed
another kite.
SO much fun!!!

Remembering to love.
Really love.

Watching this babe play the iPad.

Baby girl and her mama.....

My personal stylist has been back at work.

Loving my cowl.....
(thank you RJ)
If its going to be cold,
its going to be stylish.

Making forever memories.....
You can't see PaPa, but he is on the other
side of the phone being awesome!!
We love him so!!!

Sir Cuteness wanted to remember this
moment of us eating Smarties.
He called it a forever memory.
I love him!
Have I said that?

And a selfie at the gym.
Your welcome.

So that's what we've been up to.
What you been up to?

Have a Beautiful day ~~ 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Heart's Cry..... The Story of a Mother and her Son

There are posts sometimes that you don't want to hit "Publish"on,
but you feel such an urging from the Lord that you cannot write
another thing until you hit that button. 
This is one of those posts for me.  
I want to.
It is hard,
I wish to be brave.
So here I go.


What is your heart's cry?
Your deep down heart's cry?

I started this year out KNOWING I wanted more of God.
KNOWING that status quo would no longer cut it.
KNOWING that I was made for more than the fear that kept me bound
to the mediocrity of life.

So I started asking the Father to help me.
To renew the fire and passion in me for more of Him.
The desire to pursue Him.
I asked Him to change me.
He set about His business.

You see for quite some time, 
almost five years now, I've lived with a sense of fear
in a particular area.  An area that I absolutely KNEW
that God would use one day, and yet I was paralyzed by fear,
wondering how that could ever be.
How could He use something that so nearly destroyed me?
Something I didn't even want to talk about?
Something that tested my faith to such a degree?

You see, we often talk about the valley.  How bad it is.
How much it hurts.   How our faith is tested there.  How we want out of it.
And while I believe all that to be true, in my valley experience I found myself
in the pit.  A place where the valley was never meant to lead, but so often does.
God doesn't intend for us to be in the pit, the valley yes at times, 
but never the pit.  The pit comes from a lack of faith, not the presence 
of faith.  My faith had been tested, and for a very long time I failed
the test.  But oh the lessons, the invaluable lessons i have learned
meandering around this pit.  I'm so glad that the Father has lifted me out 
of it, and set my feet FIRMLY on the Rock of Jesus Christ.  
He is my Rock and my FIRM foundation.  I can trust in Him,
and so can you.

You see five years ago this March, my Dak started his prodigal wanderings.
Wanderings that have taken us all on quite a journey.  
You see I love him, always have.  My heart hurts for my prodigal.
I know God will bring Him back, He will restore, He will save.
I want it to be today.  Yesterday really.  March 2009 if I'm being really honest.
But I trust.  

I was once a Prodigal.  I came home, and God
stopped at nothing to show His love for me.  He still continues His 
relentless love to me on a daily basis.  I am so thankful.

I wish that I could say I have handled all this like a brilliant,
Godly mother, but sadly I cannot.  I have failed in so many ways, 
that words fail me to convey the depth of my failures, but it has been in
this failure that I have learned some of my biggest life lessons.  
One of the biggest lessons I have learned is what it truly means to love unconditionally.
Deep down, in the depths of who I am, I love this child.  No matter what he does.
My love for him remains.  

So when I ask myself the question what is my heart's cry?
This is my answer:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger 
In the presence of my Savior.

Thank you for loving us.

Have a Beautiful Day ~~ 

Monday, February 17, 2014

And Then I Tried.....

Tomahawk throwing.
No need to adjust your screen.
That is right.
I, dawn, a.k.a. city girl.  girly girl.
Went Tomahawk throwing.
It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here let me show you.....


As great as this throw was there were many more miscues,
but when I got the hang of it,
I started understanding the throw.

My Mr. Winslow made the tomahawk I am throwing.
He is SO talented.
He is making me my own.

We are going to take them with us
this summer for all our camping trips.


I'm feeling it =)


On the fast track to being a professional
tomahawk thrower (I wish!).
But it's a start =)

Yep, it was a FUN weekend with my man.
I can't wait to do this again!!

Have a Super Day ~~ 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Guest Blogging.....

Good morning dear friends,
A few weeks ago I got an email from my dear friend Deidre, asking me if I would pray about being a guest blogger on her blog for a series of posts she was doing in February.  She asked me if I would share my testimony and what God has taught me about receiving His love for me.

I did pray about it, and knew almost immediately that God would have me do this.  The only question was which part of my testimony would God have me share?  You see, I have walked quite a broken road in my life.  There are many aspects of my life that have been hard and things I couldn't have changed, but at the same time, there are many aspects that have been hard that I could have changed had I chosen a better way, but at the time I didn't.  There is a testimony certainly in that as well and all the lessons God as taught me along the way.

So I prayed and sought God and my answer came about an hour after reading Deidre's email.  God wasn't playing.  I asked Him to show me clearly, and through a divine appointment, He did.  

After I wrote this post on a quiet Saturday morning, I read it to my Mr. Winslow.  We sobbed over the sadness and rejoiced in the goodness of our LORD.  Yes, all these years later, we still weep over this time.  

As I think about my testimony I am struck by the glorious redemption God has brought to the broken places.  He has truly given me beauty for ashes.

So if you would like to read the story of this broken part of my road, please go here.
But do please note that my prayer is that you, dear one, see Jesus ALL over it!!  You see, this story really isn't about me, its ALL about Him.  He is good, and He does good.  ALWAYS.

Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for reading.