Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Daniel Fast: Day 4 - Spiritual Thirst

When you are doing something like the Daniel Fast
water is very very important.
(Well, water is ALWAYS very important,
but definitely during a fast).
It not only hydrates your body,
but it also fills your tummy 
and helps you to not feel so hungry.

It is my go to on the Fast.
I always have it near me.
In fact, my glass is sitting within reach
right now.
It is never far when I Fast.

Several years ago, my husband and I 
went on a hike and got turned around and lost.
We ended up in the words in a treacherous place after dark,
with no water.
We had to call a ranger to get us out.
We were in dire straights.
We were SO dehydrated,
well past the point of thirsty.

And that is what happens when you go extended periods of time
without water.  
You are dehydrated and your body starts suffering to a huge degree.

In the Spiritual, the same thing happens without Jesus.
But when you come to Him and believe in Him 
out of your heart flows rivers of living water.  

Your Spiritual thirst is satisfied in Jesus alone.
Come to Him.
Spend time in the Presence of Living Water.
The only One that truly satisfies the thirsty soul.

What are you trying to use to quench your Spiritual thirst?
The Living Water is the Only Way to quench it.
Trust Him today.
He is with you.

In Christ alone,


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