Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Happy Mother's Day!!

We had such a lovely day today. This morning at church they had the Children's Chorale sing and it was just great. I cried of course. They were just so sweet.

And then this afternoon my mom and sister's and their families came over for Mother's Day dessert. Mom made a beautiful Black Forest cake complete with a pudding topping and marachino cherries ~~ delicious mom ~~ delicious!! I made frosted brownies and we also had a relish tray (Thank you Rhonda) and sandwiches. It was simple and nice. So great!!

This is my sister Rhonda, her son Adam (my nephew) and mom ~~ Aren't they sweet!!
Adam graduates college on Thursday ~~ Hard to believe!! Congrats Adam!!

Well, I know this pic is hard to see, but I wanted to take pics with our Rhodedendron, but we have strange sun spots in the pics, but maybe you can see it okay.

This is a little closer !! Mom, Sis Rhonda, me (like my shirts? Garage Sale Finds :), baby sis Dena and my neice Becca (I love that name!!)!!

You know as I see us all together, I am so very thankful. We've been through so much together and we see God's hand in it all~~ He is altogether good, altogether kind, altogether God!! I love you Father, the Maker of all things ~~ Thank you for my dear family. I love you Lord ~~ And thank you for my new blog friends, what a blessing they are to my life. May our relationships across the internet super-highway, be filled with Your love and kindness. Thank you kind Father,


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