Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lazy Hazy Days O Summer!!!

Well, I have more pics today!! More about that in a minute. First, yesterday Dakota and his BFF Brandon went to our family friend Georgia's house for lunch and just to hang out. She lives on a farm - w/goats about 30 minutes or so from us. She invited us over to swim in her pool and then she had to a have a minor surgical procedure (mole thingy removed from her leg) so she and I didn't swim, but man the kids sure did.

Now, picture this (since I brought my camera and didn't take a single shot ~~ bad blogger, bad), okay picture this (again :) Georgia and I on her porch on the opposite side of the house from the pool, and the boys in the pool. We were sipping ice tea, listening to the wind chimes, and hearing the laughter of two teenage boys without a care in the world swimming and getting sunburned (oh yeah I do have a pic of that ~~ will share in a moment :) I tell ya it was sweetness for sure. My heart just sang. It was so peaceful and fun ~~ thanks Georgia we had a BLAST!!!

Okay, so on with the pics. . .
So here is Dakota and the sunburn!! Seriously son, where was your mother? Sunscreen boy Sunscreen!!!! OUCH!!
The sentiments of the evening ~~ He's done!! Poor guy!!
Okay, so Dakota and I was in the dollar store (yeah the actual dollar store where everything is $1.00) and we found the sunglass isle. He decided I needed these. Everyone makes fun of my big 'ol buggy glasses, but hey when a teen loves enough to spend the very best (ok it was my money, but it's the thought ~~ it is so the thought), I'm in!! I love my new sunglasses ~~ they make me feel very young - even if I do look like a bug!! :)

So here is the little (okay one of the little) bean eating culbrets caught green-handed in the act!! Shameless I tell ya ~~ Shameless!!
OKay, and then the mighty stick-bearing teen on the loose!! (Okay he did not hurt the rabbits ~~ no rabbits were hurt in the making of this photo :) But boy he sure does like to give it his best HI-YAA to the rabbits and watch 'em run!!
Ahh success!! Rabbit safely away from garden for another moment in time!! Yeah that won't last long!! :) And happy sunburnt, stick weilding, ninja-fighting rabbit, teen ~~ ahhh summer!!
Well, I'm off to the farmer's market and then I have a stop to make (if time permits) that I'll tell ya about soon!!
I just wanted to leave you with our verse-of-the-day (for yesterday :)
Colossians 3:2
"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."
Its a simple verse with a big punch. Let that one soak in on you today. This is not our home dear ones, we're just passin' on through. God's really been talking to me lately about being sure I keep it all in perspective ~~ I'm a pilgrim just a passin' on through ~~ Praise You Jesus!!
Love you all so much,


  1. Poor Dakota! I can feel his pain...he won't be having too much fun the next few days!
    Your garden looks great...I loved all the pics you posted before. You have some wonderful stuff growing in there that you will get to enjoy!

  2. It's been a long time since I've had a sunburn like that, but I can still remember how bad it hurts! He probably won't be wanting to go to the pool again anytime soon!
    Those little bunnies are so darn cute, but they will eat your garden up! Thanks for sharing.