Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ready. .Set. . .Let's Go!!

So sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of days. It was Bible Study Tuesday week and that keeps me very busy!!

We had such a sweet meeting yesterday. There was just four of us yesterday, which allowed for a more intimate meeting and God had been putting this in my heart even before I knew that there'd be just four of us this week.

We had another amazing meal: Hashbrown Quiche, Spinach-Raspberry Salad, Kelly's Cherry Limeade Punch and we finished with Blueberry Torte ~~ Delicious!! There was just a wonderful sweet feeling to the whole day. My friend Carrie came early and made everything (except the Torte I'd made the night before and the punch - it's a throw together - so easy)!! I will just tell ya it is absolutely the best to have a friend like my dear Carrie. She comes to help just because she loves me and she expects nothing in return. She just wants to help ~~ I love her so much!! She totally ROCKS, yes she does ~~ Thanks again Carrie!!

God had really put on my heart to have a special prayer time and so we did and He just really met us at our specific needs. It was such an encouragement to all of our hearts. In two weeks will be our last meeting, and I will be sad, but I have just really grown through this study and through the hearts of the ladies that have attended because of their willingness to share and do life together!!! I'm so glad that God laid this on my heart; it has been life-changing!!

Well our school district is really growing and have been building a new high school which will open for school on August 14th. Dakota is so excited!!!!!!!!! This new building will bring a lot of new opportunities for the kids ~~ it is just so great!!

August 10th is the ribbon cutting and dedication and our CYC (Clever Youth for Christ) group will be hosting a prayer walk. We are just so thrilled to have this opportunity. We met today at our house and had breakfast with them. It was so great to see them all and hear how their summer has been going.

At the prayer walk the students will be opening each of our school buildings and giving the parents and community a chance to go in and pray for this up coming school year, students, faculty, staff and administration. So the students got together today and can I just tell you it was GREAT to see them jump in and make decisions on how they thought it should go. We made fliers and one student even went and had copies made and brought them back to us ~~ it was GREAT!! It thrills my heart so to see the students willing to sacrifice of their time to do this ~~ they are a wonderul group of young people.

A couple of updates: Still haven't heard anything from Mayo, but my doc's office should be calling me later today to let me know if they've heard anything.

Oh Guess What, GUEss WHAt, GUESS WHAT, we will be grandparents tomorrow. (Yes I am a very young grandma-ma :0) !!! Chases's (my stepson) baby boy is suppose to be here tomorrow. Tonya has been walking, walking, walking and still the little fella wants to stay where he's at!! But they are suppose to break her water in the morning and here we go, SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!! We are sooooooooo thrilled!! Having a little one around again will just be the BEST!!

Okay so now one more thing. I've been hinting (in very overt tones :0) that I should have my recipe blog up and running soon ~~ well it's ready YEAH!!!!!!! So go here and check it out. I've posted a few recipes on it, but there are many more to come. On the side is labels listing different categories, so if you want something specific you can just click there. I'm trying to keep it fairly organized so maybe you can find recipes and hints quick. I just LOVE to cook and so I thought what better way to keep a list of my recipes and fun hints and just food stuff than on a blog. Plus the whole design feel of the blog is a throw back from the 30's ~~ thank you so much Ashley for your blog design genius.

Well kids that's it for now. I'm off to laundry world, where the laundry just NEVER ends!!

Love and hugs to you all,


  1. Wow! So many exciting things! I can't believe you're going to be a grandma! How wonderful!! I can't wait to see the baby!! Take lots of pictures!

    And I love your new recipe blog. I'm always looking for a new recipe, so I'll be checking that one often!!

  2. You'll just be the coolest grandma ever! :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement. You have an almost tangible love for comes across in all that you write.