Friday, August 22, 2008

Boundaries . . .

Today was our first CYC meeting for the year, and it always makes my heart swell with joy when I see how God allows us to be in the schools the way that He does.

We handed out the devotional for the students today, and just to see their eagerness to get started just makes me want to cry and PRAISE Jesus!!! They are ready to go!!

I almost sensed relief in some of them, just having something to keep them in the Word everyday, and people who care about them to hold them accountable. So often in our society we think that kids do not want limits or boundaries, but I don't think this is true at all.

I remember Dakota coming home one day and thanking us for our rules. He had not felt safe, because where he had been for the weekend really had no boundaries. Interesting huh? He could do basically anything that he wanted, but he didn't want too.

Often times I am like that with God. I pray for Godly boundaries and the wisdom to stay within them. There is a verse in the Bible that I quote to my son often. (Oh yes I do quote scripture to the boy :0)

I Corinthians 10:23 "Everything is permissible - but not everything is beneficial."

What is this saying? Can we do whatever we want? Well, it says here that everything is permissible, but lets look at the last half - not every thing is going to be beneficial. There are consequences to our actions!!

Limits - boundaries, these are almost curse words in our society, but I tell ya it is one of the biggest blessings in my life to know that Jesus loves me so much to make sure that there are boundaries in my life. Dawn you can go this far but no farther. Unfortunately there have been times when I've crossed that line and that is when things start going terribly wrong!!

The Lord places boundaries in our lives for a reason. In I Corinthians 10, Paul goes on to say in verse 23 last part of the verse:

"Everything is permissible - but not everything is constructive.

And then in verse 24:

Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.

I firmly believe that the boundaries that God sets in my life do not just benefit me, but they also benefit those with whom I do life. It makes all of life better, and I am so thankful!!

When Dakota and I pray I often pray that God will not let us get by with stuff ~~ I want Him to call me out on my ridiculousness!! I do not want to get by with things that are displeasing to Him.

Thank you Jesus that You love me so much that You'll say no and set boundaries in order to keep me pure. Help me to seek You for the BEST in my life and not settle for anything less. Praise Your Name, Amen!!

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