Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're Here!!!!

Hello from MN -- we made it to MN and the Mayo Clinic. We had a good trip --- long, but good.

This place is truly amazing!! It is hard to explain, but I'll be posting a few pics and more when we get home. Our motel is really nice, but parking is interesting. I am sooooooo glad for the subway system here. The only way to walk -- or in my case ride. Hubs is pushing me around in a wheelchair. It is just too much to walk right now, and normally riding around in a wheelchair is not for me -- but my husband has made it so fun. Yep he let's go of the handle, I know not for the faint of heart :o) and talks to me and points stuff out and just acts normal. That is big when your in a difficult season. He just treats me like he always has wheelchair or crutches or whatever the case is . . . he is just the greatest.

So this the view from our window -- so cool!!

And these are the "chandeliers" that hang in the Gonda building, where our appts are. So interesting!!!
Ahhhh and then these are my new slippers -- my friend K gave me a WM card to get some slippers before I left -- thank you so much K -- these are so comfy -- yep a vacation for my feet!!

Thanks for checking in with us. I'll try to post more tomorrow. We have an MRI at 3:15 tomorrow.
Love and hugs, Dawn


  1. So glad you made it safely! I have been praying for you. Please continue to update us as you can!

  2. You've been in my thoughts and my prayers, Dawn. Keep us posted as whenever you can!

  3. I remember those chandeliers and I took pictures of them, too, when my son was there! So cool!

    Still praying for you!