Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whatever is True, NOBLE . . .

So what is the definition of Noble? Merriam Webster defines it this way: possessing outstanding qualities ~~ do you know anyone that fits this description?

I definitely do!!! During the course of every knee related thing we've been dealing with as of late, I have come to know in a deep way some people who are absolutely Noble. They are people who are so willing to give of themselves to our family just to help out ~~ just because they care. Some have given monetarily others having given of their time and talents to help us and then there are MANY who are giving time on their knees for mine, in prayer. Everyone who has said a prayer for us or helped us in any way is Noble to us ~~ you are people possessing outstanding qualities and we love you SOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!! Some of you we will be calling on in the days after surgery to help with taking care of my NEW kneecap ~~ oh hallelujah!!!!! doesn't that have a nice ring to it? And we just want to say: THANK YOU!!! The apostle Paul tells us that we are to think on noble things. We are so thinking of everyone who is helping us in anyway!! Lots of love going out to you from the Winslow's ~~ LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!

So I'd like to show you some pics of the happenings around here and share some good news (relatively speaking :-) at the end of this post.

1st up the pics!!!!!
I must give a shout out to my baby sis on this first one ~~ she has a SWEET affection for Eeyore ~~ and you all remember that our sweet G-babe was Eeyore on Halloween (see pic at side ~~ oh please just take a gander over ~~ can you ever get enough of this one? ~~ We can't!!!!!)
Anyway, I was at WM yesterday, and one of those Noble people I described in the beginning of this post had given me a GC for WM before we left for Mayo the first time, and I still had some left on it, so I thought I'd try to find some comfy's to wear while at the hospital, and this is what I found ~~ on clearance no less, GET-OUT-OF-TOWN!! I know ~~ TOO CUTE!!!
Me and Eeyore just hanging out!! (Dena how totally cute are these ~~ I know :o)
And yes that is Eeyore plastered all over the PJ bottoms as well :-)

And then on another note, these are the stickers we got at the polling places yesterday.
The big one is what Dak got at school yesterday and the little is the one I got at the polling place.
School had a mock election for all the kids to participate in. I think it is so important that our kids are involved in this process, even if they are to young to vote in the actual election. These votes count as well in the big picture, because it is such a GREAT lesson for our students of today ~~ who are our future leader's and voters of tomorrow!!!
Our candidate didn't win, but it was such a GREAT lesson, because Dak said he prayed for this election and he had faith. His candidate didn't win, but he said that God still answered his prayer, of that he was sure. Isn't that great? I love that kid!!!!!

Mom and I went to town today to get her flu shot and we ate lunch at Lola's. It is kind of like a tea house, but not ~~ clear as mud right? Mom had the chicken salad sandwich on marble rye with a cup of healthy hearty vegetable soup, with chips and a pickle, and then I had the veggie with dill aiola on honey wheat with a side salad with blueberry poppy seed dressing ~~ yes you did read that right ~~ be still my blueberry lovin' heart ~~ and we both had blueberry tea to drink ~~ oh my stars ~~ delish!!!!!
Okay anyway I digress ~~ we also did a little shopping today and mom bought me these adorable jammies ~~ are these not the sweetest? Thanks mom!!!!!

Okay and this she got for G-babe ~~ I KNOW ~~ this is the sweetest ~~ he is going to be the cutest reindeer you have ever seen. I'll be sure to take a pic of him in this sweet head gear attire ~~ thanks again mom!!!!!

And then my friend and I are just finishing up our latest Bible Study and getting ready to embark on a new one. And this is the one . . . We are soooo excited!!!!!
I love studying the Word of God.
So for the good news (relatively speaking) part. The doc called this afternoon and they have the MRI results for Dak. He DOES NOT have a torn Achilles tendon. What he does have is swelling and fluid on his calf from a bruised bone on his heel ~~ ouch!!!!! The good news is that he won't have to have surgery!!!!! PTL!!!!! And with rest and light duty workouts, he should recover just fine. We are sooooooooo thankful!!!!!
Well there you have it. Some good news, a few thoughts on Noble ones, and some fun pics.
Tomorrow is our next Thanksgiving installment ~~ oh how fun. It will be the last installment before surgery ~~ so please feel free to kick back and enjoy with a Peppermint decaff yumminess with whipped cream from Starbucks or a lovely Sonic drink of your choice :0)
And then on Friday I will be posting our itinerary for next week.
Blessings to you, Dawn


  1. First - I've heard so much great things about that study by Beth Moore!!! You'll have to tell how you like it.

    How cute is your little Eeyore - I noticed that picture right away...I love the pic of you & hubs too - that is so sweet!

    Jealous over all your new jammies - makes me want to go snuggle up in some blankets right now! Also jealous of that lunch - every thing sounds perfectly yummy!

    And PRAISE THE LORD for Dak & his achilles!!! Now - you & he can rest up together!!!!!

    Hang in there friend!!! You are the definition of "Noble" yourself!!!

  2. A group at church is finishing up the Beloved Disciple. I think I'm going to sit in on the last few sessions since my study ends this Sunday.

    A girl has to have some good pjs!

  3. Praise the Lord about Dak's ankle! So happy that no surgery is required!

    Could you be any cuter with your Eeyore? And the jammies your mom bought you look like they will be so comfy.

    I'm anxious to see your itinerary for your trip to Mayo!