Monday, December 29, 2008

Feel Free to Browse

Welcome ~~ Welcome ~~ Come in and browse CHRISTmas at the Winslow's!!!

Notice the crutch in the above pic? Nice touch huh?
Okay anyway . . . =)
This is me and my baby sis!!

Dak and his Grandmama!!

Dick and the very cool, ultra sleek, backpack replacing, hiking bag . . .
How great is this?

Dick and his Wolves in Yellowstone, National Geographic movie from Dak.
We love us some Yellowstone and Dak =)

Oh how sweet it is . . . Dak and his Ipod Nano Chromatic. This little gizmo is extremely cool. You shake it and it goes to another song. You turn it sideways and it landscapes.
What will they think of next? And all for the price of a regular Ipod.

Oh yes and cushy headsets to go with . . .

So hubby bought me an Ipod dock . . .
And why would he do that if I don't have an Ipod?
Hmmmm . . .

Because . . . .
The suspense is killin' ya huh? =)
Yep, Dak already had an Ipod and he was soooooo sure we'd gotten him an Ipod Chromatic for CHRISTmas that he took all his music and videos off of this one and wrapped it up for his mama. How sweet is that ~~ And now I have an Ipod ~~ SWEET!!!!!

And again he was so sure that he bought me a leather case as well . . .
Oh and by the way . . . that is a GREAT accessory to have with an Ipod!!!

Oh boo, I thought I got the pic on here, but Dak also blessed me with a BEAUTIFUL pair of silver and amethyst earrings. He always has the same limit every CHRISTmas to spend and he always manages to get a really good deal for his mama. This year it was Amazon. I'll get a pic posted soon . . . ya gotta see this beauts!!!!!
Here is my nephew Adam and his fiancee Megan with his grandma (my mom =).

Here is Adam and Megan. These two are just the sweetest things going in the betrothed department. And man can she cook!!!!! She makes the BEST Oreo balls you have ever tasted and this year in mint as well. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY MEGAN ~~ You my dear are a keeper!!!!!

This is just kind of a random shot of me and the beautiful milk glass dish baby sis got me.
I LOVE me some milk glass, and double bonus, this is an original!!! Cha-ching!!
Okay so this is just the best right here. If there is something I really like and use a lot, it is my aprons. Mom for CHRISTmas always makes our gifts. It is terrific. Because they are always original and so thoughtful by mom. She thinks of each indivual person and the colors they like etc. Just GREAT!!!!!
So this year she made us girls one of my fav things ~~ APRONS!!!!!
How cute is this?
From left to right: Georgia (BFF), Dena (baby sis), Me (self-explanatory =), Rhonda (big sis) and Megan (nephew's finacee)

Here is the before all the present opening craziness!!
Notice the two Santa hats? Yep Dak and I don this every year to hand out gifts ~~ love it!!!
Will my BFF Georgia got me a beautiful birdhouse for CHRISTmas. I have wanted one for so long. I need to take a close-up shot . . . it is sooooooo GREAT!!! Love you friend!!
Here is Dak just after said birdhouse is installed.
Here we are with my fav cousin (don't tell my other ones =) from KY.
Left to right (again): Devin, Dak, Heather, Me and Kae in front ~~
Love these guys soooooooo much!!!
So glad they got to come see us!!

Well I know this was a lot of pics, and I still have more, but I'll leave it here for now . . .
Our little Scoot . . .
He is sooooooooo much fun!!!
What in the world did we do for entertainment before God brought us Sky?!!
We hope ya'll had a Blessed and very meaningful CHRISTmas!!
Tomorrow I'll be sharing some New Year's fun with you . . . . so stay tuned for that =)
PS What do ya'll think about the new header? Too much? Let me know ~~


  1. I love the new header!!

    And love the ipod... I just have a mp3 player & would love the ipod for all the accessories! I bet Dak was excited!

    How cute are you in your Santa hat & apron! Look like Mrs. Christmas...even if there are hidden crutches in the pics...

    Thanks for sharing them... looks like you had a great time!!!

  2. Love the new header!!!! Also, I LOVE your aprons.....they are gorgeous! I LOVE APRONS!!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I loved looking at all your fun Christmas pics!! Looks like you had a holiday full of family and festivities! You are going to LOVE your new iPod and the iPod dock! You are set now!

    BTW-I think your new header looks great.

  4. Look at you getting all fancy with your new header! I LOVE it!

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas spent with your sweet family. What a thoughtful gift for your mother to make aprons for all you girls. Ya'll look so cute in your apron pic. I love aprons, too!

    And the milk glass dish is beautiful! What a great gift!

    Hope you enjoy your IPod as much as I have mine.

    That Sky is a doll baby! Precious!

  5. What great Christmas fun... and little Sky is adorable!!

    Your header is cute... I just miss your blog title on it. Can you add it around the edge or something??

  6. Love the new header and I loved all the Christmas pics. Makes me feel like I am party of your family! Thanks for sharing.