Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He Sees . . . He knows . . . He loves!!!!!

So yesterday was one big pic #15 on the 25 days of CHRISTmas tour ~~ whew that was a nice one!!
Okay so on to today's pic #16 on the same 25 day tour.
Now I know this may seem a little random, but I love this sign . . . now don't get all crazy I loved it way before people were saying Happy Holidays INSTEAD of Merry CHRISTmas (where does craziness like that come from anyway . . . okay backing away . . . getting off the soap box =) Anyway, I got this sign at a garage sale, again for like a quarter or maybe even a dime, because he as well was an Island of Misfit Toys kind of guy. He didn't have a hanger thing on the back of him. Can you imagine being a picture without a hanger? Sad really. So I picked him up and gave him a home, added a hat and gloves and yes a hanger and voila beautiful wall hanging.
And notice how well he is taking advantage of a hanger . . . he sits on a shelf . . . yeah I know sad!!
(And did you see the pumpkins that he's hanging out with and the fall straw flowers and the fall pumpkin candle trying to hide behind him ~~ yep he's hanging out with the other seasons decor that I never got put up ~~ oh boy =)
Okay so that explanation of the pic went on a lot longer than it should have, but such is the way I roll when something is on my heart as it is today.

I would like to tell you something that has been happening over the last few days, but I fear I cannot do that without a few tears, so please just hand me a tissue and hug my neck . . . all is well!!

I told ya'll on Sunday night it had not been a good day. Nope not a good day to be had around here on Sunday. Do you ever just have those days when you are just your own worst enemy? Nothing pleases you? Nothing makes you happy? They (whoever that might be for you) could hand you the world on a silver platter and you'd turn it away because it doesn't have enough salt? Do ya know what I mean?

Prideful me - that is what Sunday was. Days like that when nothing pleases you or makes you happy it is just simple "all about me PRIDE" It is an ugly word that pride, but even uglier is its evidence in life ~ blllhhhhggghhh!!! Well that was Sunday for me. I woke up in a not so good demeanor. Because for one thing I woke up at 6:30 AM with the old knee giving me fits so I got up and then just all down hill from there.

Sunday was our CHRISTmas Celebration Service at church. We go to a rather large church and these services are just an all-out worship to our Lord and Savior Jesus CHRIST and one of my favorite of the year. Well, we didn't get to go. I am still unable to venture out to church, and that alone will get this girl in the dumps. Now I know your wondering why I can't get out to church. Well our church is so large it is A LOT of walking and then because my knee still will not bend to a 90 I have to sit with my leg out in the way, and that is dangerous both for my knee and the people trying to get by us. So until I'm able to walk more and bend more I'll be having church here in the house with John Hagee which is good by the way, but Sunday was a special day at church, anyway you get the picture. And then also it was grocery day, and I wasn't really up for going, so my husband went into the lion's den of Wal-mart armed with a pitiful list (that I gave him) and 5 gazillion people, because it was a Sunday, during holiday season with ice heading our way, oh bother. Yep it was as bad as you can imagine it being.

So I got upset about the whole day, other stuff happened but I think you get the drift of my "oh poor pitiful me" mood ~~ yuck blaghhhhh!!!!! Well, I started working out the leg with a fervor. I told this leg it WAS going to work, because I was tired of being down all the time and everyone else having to do stuff for me and pull my weight and blah, blah, blah. Yeah it was bad. But the good thing about it, I got this knee a movin'. Through tears and pain and talking to it and wanting to throw things . . . . it got to movin' ~~ YEAH!!

Well, when I wrote my post Sunday evening and I told ya'll it hadn't been a good day (big ol understatement), and that I was holding onto His mercies being new every morning as His Word says, and that is just what I did held right on and He was, of course, true to His Word. And yes I woke up Monday morning with new mercies given to this pitiful girl. Thank you Jesus!! I love you more than I can possibly say!!!

I started catching up on blogs and noticed that Angie had posted. So I headed over there and she posted about memorizing Psalm 139 between now and the first of the year. I thought "good idea" and got up and went about my day without given it too much more thought. Well later in the day after company left, I went in to check e-mails and see what other posts were new and saw that she had posted again, so went over and checked that out to, and at the end of the post she just gave a sentence to memorizing those scriptures. So I felt that nudge in my heart again, so I grabbed my note cards and Bible and started writing. It goes like this:

Psalm 139:1-4
"Oh LORD, You have searched me and you know me.
2 You know when I sit and when I rise;
You perceive my thoughts from afar.
3 You discern my going out and my lying down;
You are familiar with all my ways.
4 Before a word is on my tongue
You know it completely, Oh LORD."
Verses 1 and 2 was yesterday, I just threw 3 and 4 in there no extra charge, because those are today's verses and God is so hiding His Word in my heart.
So as I was memorizing verses 1 and 2 yesterday I went to get up and tape my verses to the door in the kitchen, and God spoke to my heart as I was rising out of my chair and said, "I see you" here's the teary part. Not I see you like he's watching to see when I mess up, but He was saying ~~ I see you daughter, your struggles your pain I see it all and I love you. ~~ Then he spoke this to my heart, "I know when you sit and when you rise, even when that is difficult."
Oh can I just tell you the hope and peace this gave me. He sees me. He knows. I don't have to worry about it, He has my back and my front and my middle . . . He sees me . . . He sees you . . . every struggle, every pain, every fear, every frustration, every apprehension, EVERYTHING, He sees and knows.
So last night, how did my workout with hubs go? (Because we work this leg out everyday together ~~ he truly is the best ever!!) Well, there were still tears because it still really hurts, but we broke through some more tissue and it popped and bent a little more, it is an arduous process, but God sees . . . He knows and He is with me. What a reminder to this girl!!!!!
Thank you so much for the tissues and hugs I know that you are handing to me right now via blogworld and I love you!! I really do!!! I'm doing okay, really better than okay. Dak's home today (snow day #2) and hubs will be home afterwhile to take me to PT and most importantly God sees and knows every moment of my day and yours. Before anything happens He knows. You can take comfort in that dear one.
Have a Blessed and Beautiful day in Him,


  1. Crying with you as I am hugging you!!! What a wonderful post.

    I too want to memorize that verse - I love holding Scripture in my heart!

    God sees you & loves you for all you do!

  2. Wow! Great post. I needed your words today!!

    By the way, I still like "Happy Holidays". I believe Jesus is the Reason for the Season, but I like to wish people a "Happy Holidays" from Thanksgiving through New Year. Is that bad??

  3. Dawn, what a beautiful post and word from the Lord. You have know idea how badly I needed to read this. Thank you SO much for sharing. Praying the rest of your week is blessed!