Monday, December 1, 2008

So what's the Christmas view from where you sit . . .

So ya'll know by now that I heart the holidays. I had so much fun on Thanksgiving (hopefully evident by the posts) and leading up to Thanksgiving (also hopefully evident by the posts), and now that the Day of Thanks is over for this year, it's on to Christmas. And yes I am equally as crazy about CHRISTmas, actually more so.

Well how happy was my little heart when I went here and saw that this blogger is hosting a 25 days of CHRISTmas photo shoot. Right up my alley and soooooooo frun (yes that does say frun and I am leaving it in there =) (I am such a rebel) anyway ~~ So I decided to play along.

Now your suppose to let them know you want to play and then upload a CHRISTmas pic everyday from your point-of-view ~~ how frun is that? So here is the banner:

And here is my pic for today. I heart snowmen. They are my collection of choice, and I have several. This particular one is a fav of mine. We have this incredibly cute little shop in a neighboring town (you know the kind that it is an old house they've made into a store ~~ charming). Well, I walked in there a couple of years ago, and what to my wondering eyes did appear . . . nope not reindeer, but this adorably cute snowman nativity scene. I was giddy . . . giddy let me tell ya. And it came home with me. And I love it.

So for today this is the view of CHRISTmas in this cottage corner of the world. What does yours look like?
I will apologize in advance for the bad pictures, because I have no allusions, I know that my photography skills (using the term loosely) needs some serious help, but none-the-less I don't let it slow me down =)
Have a Blessed Monday,
PS Oh yeah and by the way, we did take our CHRISTmas card pics last night and they are so cute. My hubs does such a great job, and him and Dak are so good to humor me each year with unique CHRISTmas card antics and pics. So I'll be getting those posted soon, very soon . . . .


  1. How fun!!! I love pictures - & Christmas pictures - even better. Cant wait to see the card pictures!

  2. I love snowmen too and decorate with them during this time of the year!!

    I love the new blog look. Very Christmassy!!

  3. I love snowmen...and all things CHRISTmas!!!! Can't wait to see your pics!

  4. That little snowman nativity set is so cute! I've never seen anything like that.

    It was so great to get to talk to you last night. Hope you've had a pain-free day today!

    Can't wait to see those 2008 Christmas pictures!