Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Very Special Visitor . . . and So Much More!!!

Yesterday was such a fun day. First we got to see little squirt. Oh joy, joy, joy!!! And then I squeezed in a little nap (okay a little rest), I told ya'll (in yesterday's post) I was very busy yesterday =) And I also finished up some tags for gifts ~~ oh I came up with some new designs thanks to Gooseberry Patch ~~ I heart you GPB ~~ and then also, oh I don't know what else, but it was a fun relaxing day.

Well along about 5;00 pm or so I got a call from our neighbor's that live across the street and they wanted to know if they could come over for a minute. Of course you can. So over they came . . .

May I please introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Claus and pic #21 on our 25 days of CHRISTmas. How cute are they!! And yes they really do live across the street. Very clever of that Santa to park his keester in our neighborhood ~~ how GREAT is that!!

Okay so their people names are Joe and Linda, and can I just say that they are some of the kindest people you will ever meet ~~ truly. They give until it hurts and then they give some more. They give of their talents and time and they are adorable people, inside and out.

I have come home and found gifts on my doorstep, because they know of my health situation right now, and they just give, give, give. They are amazing.

Here I am with Santa and the Mrs.

And here is my sweet man with Santa and the Mrs. How cute is this? I love him so!!! So are you wondering why Santa is pointing upward in these pictures? Because it is all about him. He is a minister in Prison Ministries. How great is that and all they do is all about Him.
He tells you that he dresses as Santa in the Spirit of giving and that is what CHRISTmas is all about: The Spirit of Giving ~~

And yes they came bearing gifts. I'm going to highlight the plaque they brought in another post, but they brought me a beautiful plaque, a beautiful spoon rest (too beautiful for a dirty spoon I can tell you that), a sunflower calendar for my fridge . . . Oh yeah and this is another thing to tell you about them, they remember stuff. I'd told Linda once that Sunflower's were my favorite flower, so lo and behold, the calendar she included in our goodie bag had beautiful Sunflower's on them and oh yeah another thing about her, she is a beautiful, caring writer. She thinks about what she writes, it is a beautiful thing.

Let me just give you a sampling of her work. This is what she wrote on the back of the calendar: "You are a sunflower in the garden of life, dear Dawn!! We love you!! Joe and Linda xo"

Now granted, believe me I know I am NOT ALL THAT!! But I love her heart and they way she expresses herself and she does it with great fan fair and abandon. It is truly wonderful.

Okay so back to our goodie bag, umm ok, also Joe came carrying an adorable reindeer that stands on his own, adorable ~~ and then in the bag they gave us a gift certificate to our new Murfin's (right spelling =) in town, a GC to The Breadsmith (YUMMEE!!) and a GC just for Dak to Wal-mart. They are sooooooo very thoughtful. Thank you so much J & L ~~ we love you!!!!!

So what am I getting them, oh yeah bread. I'm making mini-loaves of bread for our neighbors. Yes very lame, but maybe next year I'll have my act together. Anyway . . .

So what else did we do yesterday? Oh well, because of the fiasco of last weeks grocery shopping and my lack of list organization last week (I don't know what happened) and because of the 5 gazillion people out, we decided to go grocery shopping at about 9:00 pm. It was GREAT!!! So fun and I didn't even get a moto cart, nope me and my crutches hangin' out. It was a beautiful thing =)

Okay so one more thing ~~ yep told you there was so much more =) My blog friend Heather L.A.S.S tagged me with the "8 Tag". So I'll leave you this, on this fine and freezing (windchill below 0) morning.

8 Show's I watch:

1. The Today Show

2. John Haggee on Sunday Morning (until I can return back to church)

3. Dancing with the Stars

4. The Biggest Loser

5. American Idol

6. Smallville (I know weird huh? Its the guys fav)

7. Makeover Home Edition

8. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (I like to test myself =)

8 Favorite Restaurant's

1. Zio's (YUMMEE Italian)

2. Lola's (a local sandwich shop ~~ love it)

3. McAlister's

4. PaPa Murphy's (yeah the kind you bake at home)

5. Garden Cafe

6. LaHacienda's (a locally owned Mexican place I love ~~ not sure if this is the name of it, but I love it!!)
7. Panera Bread
8. Mac's (on the Mayo Clinic campus ~~ great Greek food!!)
8 Thing's that happened to me today
1. I got out of bed (it's still early)
2. Added more ornaments to our CHRISTmas tree
3. Worked on an arrangement on my bench
4. Ate YUMMEE toast from the bread that J & L brought us yesterday from the Breadsmith
5. Ate a banana
6. Drank a cup of delicious Holiday Peppermint tea
7. Took my medicine
8. Tried to find more wrapping paper, but failed, oh boo ~~
8 Things I look forward to:
1. Watching Dak come into the man that God has designed him to be
2. Watching Grandbaby be wonderful in all his growing up stages
3. Chase and Tonya's wedding
4. Some time alone with my man this spring (do we have something planned, no, but a girl can dream =)
5. Getting past 90 degrees
6. Driving again
7. Getting back to church
8. My up coming Bible Study on the life of David
8 Things I wish for:
1. My mom to be healthy
2. Dak to realize his potential and be all that God has called him to be
3. To see ALL of the ladies on The List that Kelly has posted to realize their dream of being a momma and also the ones who are waiting on a husband to be a wife.
4. For babies all over the world to be taken care of ~~ it breaks my heart to see babies not taken care of and so many of us out there that so wanted more children and would take care of them.
5. My husbands heart to be healthy
6. To be able to hike with my husband and son and grandbaby in the spring.
7. To see my family and friends who do not know Jesus to come and know Him and know the freedom and joy of living in Him.
8. I wish for all of our hearts to be turned to Him in this season . . . He is the reason!!
So I'm now suppose to tag 8 people, but please play along with us it you'd like. I know this has gone around a lot, so I'd hate to double tag someone =)
Have a Blessed and lovely Lord's day,


  1. What a PRECIOUS neighbor couple. Good neighbors are the best!!

    I enjoyed your list. You have a sweet heart, Dawn.

  2. Oh, your list is so precious....just like you and your amazing Jesus-like heart!!
    I love Zio's, too!
    Love the Santa and the must have been really good to rate a personal visit!!
    OH- and I love, love, love, your long never worry about that!
    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  3. What a fun visit... what did you even think when you opened the door & saw Santa there??? I bet your face was priceless!!!

  4. I loved reading this. I saw the pictures before the narrative and wondered why did Santa drop by. He makes a good santa!

    You had asked me about the bon bons and how easy they were. You cannot make them because it requires a ton of standing! I wish I were closer I would bring you some.