Monday, December 8, 2008

You've been what? . . .

So pic #8 is kind of a continuation of Friday evenings festivities. As you may recall, Dak went to my Alma Mater (Missouri State) to the Elizabethan CHRISTmas dinner theater which I sang in back in the day.

Well, remember I told you how I would drill him on Saturday morning when we got up, well the drilling wasn't necessary, because Dak came out of his room with a sly smile on his face holding this:
In case you can't quite read it (me and my mad photo skills =) it says: "I've been wenched" !! I just started laughing and said, "Oh my stars I forgot about that."

For those of you who have never been to such an event, the wenching goes something like this. The singing servers (which was me back in the day), would stand back stage and watch people come in and then pick out who'd be wenched. And it had to be someone we thought would play along and be fun. So I am not surprised they picked Dak out of a crowd of like 160 +, but still very funny.

They went up to him and he said they were really loud and singing and took him out of his chair and put him in the middle of the room and untucked his shirt and unbuttoned it and put his collar up and mussed his hair up and sang to him and made a very big deal of this. Oh it brought 20 + years screaming back to my memory. Oh how much fun!!! He has the cutest pic on his phone, but the silly thing won't send to me. So as soon as I get that problem fixed I plan on getting it downloaded to my computer and I will share ~~ OH YES I WILL!!

So on Sunday I finally got out for my first real outing. Dick and I went and got our flu shots and picked up our CHRISTmas cards and then went grocery shopping. I actually got out and went in and got a motorized cart ~~ hahahaha yep but it was the only way I could do the grocery store, but it was fun!! But boy was I tired. Then when we got home, Dak's friend Alyssa was here and had made me oatmeal coconut cookies. YUM!!! I'd never had this kind before. I LOVE Oatmeal cookies ~~ so yummee!! These were a GREAT variation. Thanks A. And then she decided she wanted to fix supper. So she searched the web and found a recipe she wanted and then her and Dak got busy and they made us the BEST supper. We had Smothered Chicken breasts (smothered with carmalized onions in brown sugar and mushrooms) with egg noodles cooked in chicken broth and tossed in Feta and Mozz cheese and sprinkled with herbs. Delish!! So good. Dick and I were really surprised!!! Then Dak even cleaned up (with a little nudging). So that was GREAT too!!

I'd like to share a verse with you today that God spoke to me through this morning.

Psalm 37:3 ESV
"Trust in the LORD, and do good,
dwell in the land
and befriend faithfulness."
What really stuck out to me was the "befriend faithfulness" part. Do I do that? I love to make friends, but am I befriending faithfulness. So how does one go about doing that? By being faithful. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well it is simple. So often that is the case. God's commands are not complicated they are simple. Life gets complicated when we disobey the simple commands of God. Now simple does not necessarily translate into easy. His commands are not always easy because we have pesky things like temptation and the like, but they are simple. So I encourage you to befriend faithfulness today . . . it is a beautiful thing.
Thank you for revealing the simple to me today in Your Word and for reminding me to be faithful. I love you so much. Keep working in this girl's life to bring glory to Your Name!!!
Blessings to you,


  1. I pray for simple today as well. Getting wenched sounds like a great time. I am glad Dak enjoyed it.
    (hope you are healing well my friend)

  2. Sounds like Dak will have fun memories from the Elizabethan dinner as well!!! I LOVE that he and Alyssa made you supper. That is totally sweet!!

    Great verse. I haven't really thought about "befriending faithfulness".

  3. May He keep working on all of us! So glad you had your first outing!

  4. YIPEE - first outting!!

    Love that verse. Its funny because I have such an ease of making friends - but yeah, do I befriend Faithfulness as easy??? WOW - what a thought provoking verse!

  5. Oh, I love that they picked Dak to wench! I bet he was the best sport about it! You better figure out a way to get that pic off that phone and onto this blog! lol

    I am so glad that you had your first real "outing", but, honestly, could you not have found something a little more fun than a flu shot and grocery shopping?!?! I would have loved to have seen you on that motorized cart!

    Sounds like you need to keep that sweet Alyssa around! Those cookies and Smothered Chicken sound amazing!

    Thanks for the great reminder about being faithful and, also, thanks for the sweet E-card you sent me. It came at a much-needed time in my day! Thank you so much for your prayers! They mean more than you will ever know!

    Love you, my friend!