Friday, January 16, 2009

Get on up to 90 with your bad self =)

WOOHOO ~~~ Break out the party hats and balloons and put on the disco (not really, was never a fan, anyway . . . ) We are having a "she finally hit 90" party. Now yes granted I was suppose to be at 90 like six weeks ago and boy what a party that would've been, but that didn't happen and sometimes in life "that" just doesn't happen the way we want it to, so we deal with "this". Do ya dig me?!!

So why in the world has it taken me so long to get to the lovely 90 degrees and why is it such a big deal to me? A little perspective please.

  • Okay so let me explain the first part of this question just like Amber taught me, because believe me I asked her the same thing. Apparently this type of surgery is actually harder to get range of motion back than a total knee. WHAT?!! Yep, she said I'm actually doing really good for this type of a surgery. YAY!!
  • So onto the second part of this little equation, why it means so much to me. Well 90 is an indicator of how far we've come. When I started in PT two weeks past surgery, I was at 30 degrees. Seriously. And seriously bummed. God has done such a work in my heart over these last 60 degrees. I can't wait to see what He does with the other 40 (130 being the ultimate goal for this baby).

So on this auspicious occasion I thought I'd illustrate with a few pictures. Now if you are weak in the knees (hahahaha I crack me up) you may want to skip this next part, but if you are game I have a few pics (the first one being the worst to view). So if you dare . . . please proceed . . .

This is my knee 11 days outside of surgery. The DD initials are from my doctor and the grid, ummmm yeah don't know, but I'm assuming it aided in something-er-nuther. Anyway . . .

I know pretty gross, and man that is one long incision. Yes 35 staples in all. Those were fun coming out letmetellya!!

Now onto today. . .
Isn't she just lovely?!!

Oh and this one I just wanted to show off my kickin' boots hubs bought me last year, and the STUPENDOUS socks that come up to my knees and aide in boot wearing, while also keeping my leg warm ~~ leg warmers with feet =) Love them.

Okay and here it is again, a little different angle.
It's looking pretty good. The swelling is starting to go down more and more with these supplements and the OA diet. Which I am sticking to!! And I'd like to give a shout out to Jacquie, who was so encouraging in her comments when she found out I was trying these things, thanks Jacquie, I've thought of it often!! YAY!!! It isn't even that hard, so far. I'm actually enjoying trying different combinations of things. YUMMEE!!!!!

So how does one celebrate such an occasion? With a SHOUT OF PRAISE!!!!! I would love for ya'll to comment a shout-out to our AWESOME GOD!!!!! Tell me something the Lord has done for you that you want to thank Him for. He inhabits the praises of His people ya know!! So let's hear it for our Jesus!!!!!

The journey we have been on together is one that I will always be thankful for, and can't wait to see what You do with all that You've been teaching me. Use me Father for Your glory ~~ may I never forget the night in the hospital when it was just You, me, Dick praying in the hotel, and the pain. May I always remember how you sustained me and kept me. I will always sing Your praises here until I come to be with You in heaven, and then I'll be singing Your praises around Your throne casting myself at your feet. I love you Lord, I love You!!!! Amen


  1. Dawn-
    I am so happy for you!! What a long road this has been. You have been a trouper. God is so good, though, and He has brought you through it all!! That is such a wonderful praise.

  2. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You finally hit 90! I'm so excited for you & jumping for you - I know how hard it was to get to this accomplishment - but you did it & God has so many more accomplishments for you to knock out!!!!

    WOW - those staples look painful!!!

    HUGS & love friend!!!

  3. WOOHOO is right!!! God has rewarded your hard work.

    I looked at your knee pictures... I didn't even close my eyes. You have come a long way, baby!!

    God has blessed me with a wonderful family and good health and a roof over my head and food to eat and a warm coat on days like today and friends that are true and so so much. I'm grateful for all the friends I've made in the blogging world that have impacted me so much - even though I've never met them.

    Thank you, Jesus! (And I'm thanking Him for keeping His hand on little Harper and Kelly as they go through this difficulty!!)

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