Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a Weekend!!!

Okay so usually I try to come up with a catchy title, but I'm telling ya, this pretty much sums up our weekend.

So what would a busy weekend be without pictures? Ummmm boring for you, so I took a few =)

First of all, as most of you know, Friday night was Homecoming, complete with girlfriend and dance for Dak. I was suppose to have pics of him in his car driving away to pick up his girl and then hopefully pictures of him and his girl, but it didn't work out that way. He ended up having to take our car, because his is having an issue with the switch. The key doesn't want to come out easy, so hubs is going to have to fix that as well. Again, so glad he works on our cars. Thanks honey, you are the best!!!!!

It also was a very bittersweet homecoming for Carly, Dak's girlfriend. After school she had gone to visit her grandmother. Dak picked her up a little later than originally planned so she could spend some time with her. While they were at the dance her grandmother passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are so with them. It is very sad. But we are soooooo glad she saw her just hours before she went home. Bittersweet indeed.


Remember last week when Dak went to school on Blackout Day with the black mustache etc. well this was what he came home with on Friday . . .

Yep he won for Blackout Day . . . YAY Go Dak!!!!! Now seriously should anyone have this much chocolate? Just saying. . .

Well Little Scoot came to see us this weekend, YAY!!!
And if he is not the cutest thing ever!!
Here he is looking adorably cute -- little booger =)

Okay so this would be an action shot -- yes that is me on the floor and yes that is Sky with his mouth to my ear. What is he doing you might ask? SCREAMING!!!!! Yes laughing and screaming!!!!! It was a hoot!!!

And here I am trying to recover and he is trying to help. So sweet my itty bitty. . . so sweet indeed.


And here he is showing Gigi a little love. Okay or grabbing my lips and squezzing and squelling . . whichever it's all good =) (Oh yes notice the green ribbon from last weekend? Yep still a fav!!)

Okay so this one, if you can't see it you must click on it and enlarge it.
"Hey GiGi look out below!!!!!" Ummm yes that is drool coming out of Scoot's mouth, and umm yes that would be me that he is laying on. You know the rest . . . .

Oh yes and this is his newest trick -- -- hair pulling. Yes he has definitely found my hair. owwee!!

Okay and yes this is a blurry one, but thought you might enjoy the hairdo that Sky fixed for Gigi. Great. Thanks Kiddo!!! =)

So that has been our weekend so far. We have a busy fun week coming up. Can't wait to share some of the fun that will be going on.
Tomorrow I'll be posting my Scripture for Memory Team. God is so good. I'll share more of that story tomorrow.
Love and hugs to you,


  1. Wow! You DID have a busy weekend! I'm sorry that Dak wasn't able to drive his car to Homecoming, but glad that ya'll had a backup plan.

    I am so sorry to hear about Carly's grandmother passing away, but, like you, I am so glad that she was able to spend that time with her before she went home.

    Love the pictures of the little Scoot with his Gigi! Sweetest drool ever, isn't it!

  2. Those are darling pictures.

    Just this last week we had to take our daughters car in because we couldn't get the key out of the ignition. Ugggg cars.....

  3. OH, those pics of you and Scoot are so amazing! Aren't they fun?!?! What a blessing! Glad Dak had a good homecoming and I will be praying for Carly and her family.
    Love you friend!

  4. go DAK.....glad he won, he had my vote!!!! you'll have to put up pics of i can think back at!1

    the baby is so darn cute!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun and full weekend. That little feller is so cute and looks like so much fun!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Carly's grandmother. We'll be praying for her family.

  6. Sounds like quite a weekend!!

    So sorry to hear about Carly's grandma--her family are in my prayers.

    Have a wonderful week, girlfriend!

  7. So glad Carly did get to spend time with her grandmother... what must have been a rough ending of a night for her.

    How cute is that Little Scoot! Looks like he loves biting, pulling hair & screming in your ears... does it get any better than that???

  8. What sweet pics! So sorry to hear about Carly's sad.

    Glad y'all had a great weekend!!

  9. SUCH a cutie! Makes me very eager and excited to meet my own! :)

    Glad Dak had fun at Homecoming - it's fun to read about his and reminisce about my own. Sorry about Carly's grandmother and I'm praying for her and her family.

    Happy Monday!