Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun on Friday!!!

Well I had so much fun on this Friday!! This morning I taught in CYC ~~ I heart these kids!!

I also remembered today that I'd forgot to pay my electric bill before we left for Mayo ~~ oops, my bad ~~ and since it was due TODAY ~~ ummm ~~ I went to pay it in person. Well I got there and they moved the place where you pay. What? Who does that?!! So this extremely directionally challenged girl had to find it. That is a problem. But I found it ~~ YAY!!

Then I went to find a new prayer devotional. I've been doing BMoore's Whispers, but I'm almost done with that one and wanted to make sure I have another one here ready to go. I do not want to give myself ANY reason not to have a quiet time. Not an option. So I headed to LifeWay. Well, the devotional I wanted to do was 19.99 on sale, so I headed to Mardel's and thought it was going to be $17.99, but it rang up as $24.99 ~~ What? So then I headed to CPO and they had it for $14.99. Isn't it crazy how the prizes fluctuated. But I did get my new study ~~ "David 90 days with a Heart Like His" ~~ This will be so good!!! I love it when God makes it clear the next devotional to be doing.

Well after that my friend Georgia came over and helped me clean my garden out. Oh the Joy!! I heart Spring and getting the garden ready to go. I can't do much bending so it was nice to have the help. Thanks G.

I'm telling ya the help of others has been so great during this season. Other wise it would fall on my already, really crazy busy boys. We so appreciate all the help!!!!!

Then after school my friend Carrie, leader of CYC came over. I love it ANYTIME she comes to visit. We have the best time together. Talking to her uplifts me so much. It was so much fun!!!

So this has been such a fun day.

This is another quick post. I hope that next week things will slow down and I'll be able to get back to my regular daily posts.

Have a Blessed Saturday,


  1. OHHH... I havent heard of that study... love David!!! I want to still do the "John" study by Beth moore as well... Does she have one on Paul? Love studying Paul too!

  2. Sounds like a fun day and I am so glad that you had someone help you get your garden cleaned out. What a great friend!

    I just never know WHAT your blog is going to look like when I come to it! How cute is this? Love the picture of you and Dick!

    Glad you got that power bill paid! That's one you don't wanna miss!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy all your "guys"!

    Love you, girl,

  3. You sound like me with your bargain shopping. I'll spend more time looking for the best price before I'll ever purchase.

    Love the new blog design. Been playing again, I see!