Monday, March 16, 2009

Guest post

Hello fellow bloggers... this Dak with you on the air... okay okay mom wanted me to tell everyone that she is doing just fine... I'm feelin in cause she is unavalible at this time.. :) i dont really know what to say here but that this is really kewl doin moms blog... okay okay im gonna take the spot light here and say thank you to who have been so kind to me on here.. saying nice comments about me... okay back to mom. she'll b home in a day or two so no worries... okay i guess thats all there is to say.. have a great night everyone!!!!!!


  1. Nice to "meet" you, Dak. Be a good boy while the folks are away!!

  2. YIPEE... Dak filling in - what a good son!!!!

    Dawn - praying for you friend!!!

  3. Hello Dak, nice to meet you. It's great to see guest writters on blogs especially when they're filling in and helping their mom.

    Have a great day.

  4. Hey Dak,
    Thanks for filling in -- what a good son you are =)

    Love you,

  5. Continue to keep us updated on your sweet Mom!! I hope all is going well.

  6. How nice to "officially" meet you, Dak! We all have grown to love your sweet mom so much, and as a result have grown to love you, too, from her sweet stories about you! You sound like such a fine young man and I know that your parents are sooo proud of you.

    "Hold the fort down" while they are away and keep us updated on your mom's progress!

    We're praying and believing for a GREAT report!


  7. Hi Dak! So glad you filled in and gave us the update! Your mom is lucky to have you and likewise you are lucky to have her, too! :)
    Praying for a safe trip home!