Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look Ma No Hands.....or Feet!!!

Look what Dak got from his grandpa.

So I'm just wondering how many doctor bills this is going to cost us =)

Look Ma no hands.....uhhhh and no feet.....

Have a Blessed Tuesday,


  1. oh goodness!!
    looks like fun though!!
    we want to see pics of you on it!!...lol!

  2. Because of stupidity, I ended up taking our daughter to the hospital the second night we had ours. Thank goodness nothing seriously wrong. . . Parents anyway, what are we thinking sometimes.

  3. How old is Dak? :-) Yeah - my husband got on our girls when they were younger - & he attempted a flip & landed on his head! We had to go to the ER.. thought he broke his neck... those things are dangerous!

    But keep the camera's rolling - you could win some money from Funniest Videos!! :-)

  4. Hopefully you won't have any MORE doctor bills!!! That is the last thing you need, girl! :)

    It looks like lots of fun!!

  5. Looks like you need to get a script for nerve pills!!