Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tag Your It =)

Okay so this title should read "Tag I'm It =)" I am such a dork. I realized as I hit post that I'd put "Your" and I'm not tagging anyone. Uhhh okay . . . anyway . . .

Well, I got tagged by Rebecca Jo, one of the sweetest blog buddies I know. If you haven't visited this knittin', Belle-lovin' Queen, you should, you really should. She loves God and lives it out loud!!! I love that about her. She is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

So she said go to my 6th picture folder and post my 6th pic.

So here goes . . . .

drum roll please . . . .

Remember Dak on tie day? Well this is a pic that didn't make the blog cut, but here it is. You can run son, but you can't hide =) He is such a cutie!!!

Oh and you were right RJ, either Dak or Scoot, you knew, it had to be one or the other =)

Speaking of Scoot, C called Dick and wanted to know if I could go to Scoot's doc's appt today. His mama is sick and he has to work, so they want me to go along and help out. Are you kidding me? I am soooooo there!!!!!

Hope ya'll have a rockin' good day full of the Lord's blessings,


  1. I knew - didnt' I? funny!!!

    Love the "attitude" Dak is showing here... sporting his tie! How cool is he!!!

    Hope you dont catch the sickness from Scoot's mama!!! steer clear of the germs... have fun with that baby though!!!

  2. Lucky you... have a great time with "Scoot".

  3. That's a pic you'll have to have out when he graduates.