Monday, April 13, 2009

Ideas, Thoughts and other Random Happenings...probably NOT in that order =)

I hope ya'll had a really good Easter. Ours was quite different than most Easter's we have had, and no, there are no pictures. I have browsed around this morning and seen all the cute pics ya'll have of your Easters, (if you have not checked out Bibby and AJ you really should, just go here), but you will not find one here. But if you did, this is what it would look like: me, not showered wearing my basic black pants with my white "Who Let the Owls Out?" sweatshirt (yes, a totally other post), no make-up and the hair in a pony tail loop that I slept in all night, cute. You'd see hubs in his oldest pair of blue sweat pants and a black work t-shirt, and Dak in a ripped pair of jeans, neon green shirt with a picture of a microphone on it, and plaid loafers. Yes we were a sight to see. Well you might be wondering why this was the case. Well, we didn't get to get out of the house yesterday.

Little Scoot came over on Friday night and the kids were going to pick him up on Saturday. Well, Chase started running a fever Friday into Saturday and it reached 103 degrees. Oh my stars, he was so sick. And then Sky has been battling a cold himself and not feeling great. So we just kept him on Saturday evening as well. Well at 4:30 Sunday morning Sky woke up coughing and choking, eek!!! So we got up with him and changed him and I fed him a bottle and we all went back to bed. Well Tonya came and got him around 2:00 pm, so we just stuck around the house yesterday. I was upset at first, but then I just thought no reason to be upset, we can't change it, so I just praised the Lord in my heart and felt so happy inside to know I serve a Risen Savior ~~ oh praise Him!!!!!

Well today I thought I'd share with you some of the creative things I've been working on lately.

This first pic is of our kitchen table. Back in the fall my friend G, set a pot of tulip bulbs in my garden buried and then this spring they came up. She dug them up and this is what I have sitting on my table today.
Look at these beauts....Thanks G.....just gorgeous!! And they look so pretty sitting next to one of my picnic baskets....nice.

Now this next pic is very blurry, but I wanted to share with you a lovely find, okay a lovely win. I won this lotion on MckMama's blog back in February (I think) and just hadn't gotten it on here yet. But if ya'll have REALLY dry skin such as myself, or you have a baby that gets diaper rash, such as our Sky-baby, then you really need to give this a try. It is GREAT!!! I don't know how much it cost since I won it, but it is definitely worth your time to check out.

Man this pic is mad photo skills and all...anyway... it is called Formula II

And then my neighbor called this morning and said she left me some things out on my porch. So I went and this was in the sack. It is bread shaped like a rabbit. How incredibly, stinkin' cute is this? I mean really, have you ever seen anything like it?!! So cute. And the will be soooooooo yummee because it is from our local good. Thanks Linda.

Okay, and now I'd like to share with you some things that are scrapbook in nature.
This is a tag that I did over the weekend. I wish the pic turned out better, but the ribbon across the middle and bottom is music notes and the whole tag is distressed with a new product I got at the SB store the other day. I love it. It comes in a stamp pad and you just use a sponge to apply it. It is so GREAT!!!!!

This is another tag on a tag that I also did over the weekend. It's not quite done yet; it needs a button, but anyway you get the idea.

And then this is some of my Faithbook Prayer pages to go along with the verses I'm memorizing this year.

And here are some pages that don't have verses on them yet, but how cute is this paper?!! You can't see it, but it's glittering at cute!!

And then these pages are also hanging out waiting for verses....aren't they fun?
They just scream "MEMORIZE WHAT'S ON ME!!!!!"

And then these are pages that are finished complete with verses. The one with the pink is actually a card and the verse and thought are on the inside of the card. I really like this one. The flower on the card is actually a hair pin.....I don't wear it anymore and hated to throw it away, so I used it in this and I love it. So I've gone through and pulled out things I don't wear in my hair or ears and use it on my scrapbooks (after I wash them of course =)

And then this last one.....I thought I'd share with you a little about the knee. I've had several mention it lately..... so thought I'd give you the latest.
It is coming along. This is such a slower process than I'd like, but that is okay. I must press on right?!! right. So I am.
My PT ordered the turnbuckle brace and it came in last week. Well it was going to cost us quite a bit out of pocket and we just didn't feel like we could do it right now, so when I told the lady I was talking to I'd have to call her back, she said they would except what our insurance paid and we wouldn't have to pay anything. Now that was a BIG Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! But why don't they just do that in the first place? anyway.....
So here is the contraption hanging out on my couch. I'm to have it on 30 minutes at a time, 3 times a day, 7 days a week. What?!!! boo. Yes it is as uncomfortable as it looks, but if it gets this knee out straight to where I no longer have this handsome limp, kudos to it. So we will see. I'll keep you updated.

Today I saw a recipe for Stomboli, so I'm trying my hand at a whole wheat version. I'll let ya know how it turns out. If it's yummee I'll post the recipe on my recipe blog.
Have a Blessed by the Lord kind of Monday,


  1. That bunny looks a little grumpy. You must have left him on the porch too long.
    Blessings - Lisa

  2. I'm sorry that things didn't turn out exactly like you had planned, but isn't it wonderful that we can praise Him wherever we are!

    Love what you've been working on!

  3. Love your book!!! I still need to get going on mine.. I just have a notebook.. I want fancy too!

    That bread bunny is amazing!!!! He looks a little mad though! Maybe he knew you were getting ready to tear him apart :-)

    And girl... I know you were praising the Lord on such a Holy day.... you didnt need to be in a church - I know you were just as grateful for our Risen Savior at home then you would have been in a building! Good of you to take care of that cutie pie!!! AND you got to stay comfy - BONUS!

  4. I hope everyone is feeling better. You still spend Resurrection Sunday with family.

  5. Love all of your little projects!! That faithbook is amazing!

  6. Loved seeing your faithbook pages. So pretty! Thanks so much for sharing them. :) It makes me want to drop everything and scrap right now!

  7. So sorry about all the sickness...that rabbit bread is about the cutest thing I have ever seen...where DO people get these talents?!?! And speaking of talents....LOVE the scrapbook pages! That makes me want to get out my stuff. Imagine the fun we would have scrappin' together!
    You are the sweetetst thing....praying the knee brace will HELP!

  8. Sorry your Easter wasn't "typical", but glad y'all made the best of it.

    That bunny bread is adorable!! And your tulips are beautiful.

  9. I love the bunny bread! I hope that you had a glorious Easter!