Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is this a sign I'm getting old? Ummm it's not!!!

So I have had an interesting week. Monday I had a doc's appt because I have not been feeling my best. I have been having a lot of allergy troubles and started taking Zyrtec again, but it has been causing my heart to palpitate and race, and I didn't want SVT to kick in again, so I went off of that and made a doc appt. Well on Saturday I started feeling a UTI come on (yuck and double yuck) and so Monday when I went to the doc, she gave me an anti-biotic for the UTI and a medicine script for a new drug for allergies that is suppose to be "cleaner" than Zyrtec (to which I wonder if that makes Zyrtec dirty........what can I say I wonder these things =) and it shouldn't cause trouble with the SVT situation.

So I went to pick them up and my insurance was refusing to pay for the new drug because it is $305.00 ~~ what?!! Are you kidding me? Pharmaceutical companies make me mad ... hmpfff

So I have been waiting all week for some new medicine and still do not have any.......hmpfff..... well I just called back and still no new medicine..........patience is a virtue right?!! =)

So yesterday I went to the eye doc for my yearly exam, well my regular doc had truck problems so I had to see another eye doc. Well in like the 10 years I have seen my eye doc I haven't seen another one, so that was interesting, but fine. I explained to him that I've been having these little black floaters that are new and just wanted to make him aware. Well he went through my exam and he said everything looked fine, so I thought great I am out of here and on to the rest of my day~~ and then he said that he wanted to dilate my eyes to get a good look at the retina. Ummmmmmm okay.

So he did and looked at my retina's with a specific scope thingy (yes me Miss Technical) and said that my right eye looked fine, and then went to the left (the one I'm having the floaters in) and was there for a long time, and said that my retina looks fine, no detachment or tear ~~ Praise the Lord!! But he did say that I have something called Vitreous Separation ~~ HUH? Apparently we have vitreous fluid behind our retina's and it is a jello(y) (?) like substance, well mine is starting to separate (which can happen with age, but in my defense (like I need to defend this) the Internet says that it usually starts happening around 50, if it happens at all ~~ well I am 7 1/2 years from 50 thank you very much...anyway) and thin and he could see the black spots himself. What?!! Now how cool is that?! I know it shouldn't be cool to me, but at least someone else can see them and tell me I'm not crazy =)

So I asked New Doc if there was anything I could do about it and he said not really. That my body could absorb it, over time. He said that this vitreous fluid regenerates so hopefully mine will. But in the mean time I have to be careful and pay attention to my eyes and any cloudy or strange vision I must get right back in for more test.


So that is my current crazy life among many other things. I know not exactly exciting but just thought I'd share and document all at the same time. I find this a good avenue for both =)

Also today is the one year anniversary of my hair ~~ meaning, I have not cut or colored my hair in a year ~~ man have I saved some money!!! And my hair, well I kind of like the long unkempt look (which is evident in the pictures of orange from yesterday =)

Ok one thing......... Memory Verses ......... For the last two nights I have not been able to sleep because of my allergies and the craziness that is my life right now, so both nights I have finally settled down and fallen asleep quoting my Scripture Memory Verses in my head. It has been so great!!!!! So do ya'll do that?!! If not I HIGHLY suggest it!!

Love you all, have a GREAT Thursday,


  1. You and I are about the same age. my birthday's Aug 27th, how 'bout you?

    I haven't seen black spots, but my hands are looking older and I'm squinting now to read any books. What's up with that? I always wore contacts for nearsightedness, but now I think I'm getting farsighted.

  2. Dawn - don't speak of getting old please! I am 46 and sometimes I think that my body is starting to show it's age if you know what I mean..

    I am praying for you sweet one. Still have my prayer card with your name on it, will just add to the list!

    Love you girl,

  3. Aren't prescriptions CRAZY!!! I hear some people's totals at the pharmacy & my jaw drops. I praise the Lord that I'm not on anything that I HAVE to HAVE... that's what bothers me! People who NEED meds to LIVE... & then the prices. Soapbox, I'll get off now!

    That is pretty crazy that he saw those spots on your eyes. I would be happy too to think "Whew, I'm not loosing it!"... I hate having my eyes dilated though!

    And yes, I will do the same thing - recite my memory verses in my mind. I like starting at #1 & go to what is now #8...I cant imagine what'll it be when we have 26!!!!

  4. We are so fortunate to have insurance. The cost of medical stuff is staggering.

    Getting old is fun, isn't it??