Thursday, April 30, 2009

Straight Up....

Now tell me do you want to love me forever,
oh oh oh....

If you are a child of the eighties you know this very annoying popular song by Paula Abdul (oh come on you know you danced with it to in your bedroom too...or was that just me.. ahem..) anyway.... Now that this song is stuck in your head I'm moving on.

Your welcome.

Well this post is not about that song, thankfully. I finished a book by the aforementioned title of this post "Straight Up" ~~ which incidentally had nothing to do with the song (that I threw in for free, because I'm cool like that...anyway....) it is by Lisa Samson and it was one very thought provoking book in all respects for me.

The way I came upon this book was all God and I wanted to share. I was in our local library which is rather small and not the one I generally go to, but I was short on time, so I took my books back there and got to looking around for Scrapbook books (that's funny =) and a book on the shelf in the Christian fiction section caught my eye. Yep you guessed it, "Straight Up". Well of course after I got through singing that song in my head, I went over and picked it up and read the back of it. Really I felt compelled to. But I was not in the market to start another book right now, other things on the plate, you know, but like I said I was compelled, drawn to it really, it was a Spirit thing. So after I'd read the back and put it back down and walked away, I didn't get very far. The Holy Spirit just wouldn't let me go on this one, so I checked it out.

I got it home knowing I needed to read it and not just look at it for two weeks and take it back never finding the time to pick it up (not that I'd do that or anything =). So read it I did and read and read and read. This book grabbed me from the first page. For one thing it is written in the style I like...short consistent chapters, and she completely develops the characters. I love that. To me it is essential to a good read.

Well I won't give you the deal of the book, but I will tell you that in the end portion of the book one of the main characters gets to know what her life would have been like had she made other choices; smarter choices, because she'd made some REALLY bad ones. That was a WOW for me. I have thought about this before. Will I get to know how things would've worked out, ya know if I'd have not made those bad choices, if I'd have followed more closely all my life...ya know..........I think about those things sometimes. And to have her in this book get to know, it was just one of those sobering and teaching moments for me. I wish I could tell you what happens, but I'd ruin it. You're just going to have to read it.

So now I have another book by this same author that was recommended on a blog (yes I do pay attention to what ya'll say and recommend). It is called "Embrace Me" again by Lisa Samson and I'll let ya know how that one is when I get it started and finished. okay?okay.

I also wanted to let you know that I've added some yumminess to my recipe blog. Please go and check it out here. I will be updating more hopefully this afternoon. I have lots of updating to do on that baby so keep checking back.

Have I said lately how glad I am to have Ms. Laptop back? Oh yes I think I have mentioned it =)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Thursday,


  1. OK - I totally have to check out that book because I constantly wonder where my life would be if I had made different decisions!!! Going to see if I can find it right now!

    And girl... I saw Paula Abdul in CONCERT!!!!!! How funny is that!!! And I had the ALBUM of that song.... oh yeah, showing our age!

  2. OK that book sounds really good! And now I have that song stuck in my head!! Thaaaaaaaaaaanks! :-) And thank you for yoru sweet comment on my blog - well for all of them. You are just so sweet!

  3. Oh, oh, oh... yes I know that song very well. I loved Paula Abdul back then, and boy could she dance. I still like her actually.

    The book sounds good. I have so many now that I am either reading or would like to read, that I will have to write it down and remember it for another time. 'Cause you know I listen to what my blog peeps suggest. :-)

    Have a blessed rest of your Thursday. Mine is about done in England... 5 hours ahead. And I'll check your recipe blog out. I love cooking!

  4. That video was popular when Kale was a toddler. Do you remember the cartoon cat in it?

    I'll have to see if our church library has that book.

  5. Sweet Dawn - I just have to come here as part of my day! You are a blessing.


  6. thank you i'm still singing that song as i!!!
    the book sounds awesome!! i wish i could just find more time to read! it's hard juggling the baby and cramming in a Bible study too!! i do need to make more time!!

    have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!!

  7. I checked out those recipes and they sound yummy! Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, too!

    I love you, sweet friend!