Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Functional.... as opposed to .....

Yesterday was an interesting day around our cottage. Generally we are a pretty subdued bunch, no fussin', no fightin', for the most part pretty peaceful.......ohhhhh but yesterday.........

Dak was suppose to be home at a certain time yesterday afternoon to do chores and he was 30 minutes late and no call. Not.good.not.good.at.all. And his excuse was even more pitiful. So we fussed around and argued and D came home and I told him what was going on and of course, he was the voice of reason, but didn't let Dak off the hook. Dak was not happy with us.

It is very important to us that our kids have responsibility, so they can show responsibility. Dak had a lapse in good judgement yesterday, it happens. But I feel like our job as parents is to make sure that our kids understand there are consequences to their actions, because in the real world, boy are there ever!!!!!

Well, after Dick was done, he went to work on his truck and I started supper. Dak came in and sat down at the kitchen table and started talking to me. I apologized for getting upset with him and he apologized for yelling at me (which rarely ever happens ~~ thank goodness) to which I also apologized for my yelling, and to which he said:

Dak: Mom you didn't yell.
Me: Yes I did.
Dak: No you were just stern. You don't really yell mom.


So after that we just started talking like nothing happened and then this occurred:

Dak: Mom we are functional.
Me: As opposed to dysfunctional?
Dak: Yes. We just got through having an argument and we're all just going on.
Me: We can keep fighting if you'd like. smile
Dak: No. I'm good.

Too funny. I love this kid. Arguing is sometimes necessary. But we always make sure that we are finding the teachable moments in the argument. That's really important.

When Dak first became a teen God started talking to me about finding the teachable moments. I have tried really hard to do that. Even though yesterday I got upset, we were able to find teachable moments in that situation and in the end all was well and we were all better for it. I'm so thankful I know Jesus and He helps us through all the moments of our lives. I'm so thanful!!!


Now as you can see, I changed my design again and included another pic from the ones I had taken for my hub for Christmas a couple of years ago. Well, I thought I'd share a few more with you today since ya'll seemed to enjoy them =)

My baby sis also went with me that day and had pics taken for her hubs for Christmas that year as well.

So this is my sis looking all fly.......Isn't she beautiful?!!! Yes she is tall and got my legs. How did that happen? I know I ordered legs like that ~~ and she got 'em.....hmpff..... =0)

How cute is she?~~~~ I love this pic ~~ this is so my sister!!!
Here we are together. See how much taller she is than me? and those legs.........

Yep, same pic as the header.....

Full view...

And this one is one of my fav's.
We have the full colored one of these above our bed.
I heart this one.....so artsy!!

I hope you enjoyed these pics and this story.
Sometimes I blog about things that maybe aren't that interesting to some of ya'll,
but I want to remember these moments.
I want to remember being functional =)
Have a Blessed Tuesday,
Petrii ~~


  1. Love the "artsy" photo!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    And what a fun picture with your sister!

    Oh teens - they just EXPECT parents to yell... but seems like you got your point across in a way that REALLY reached him. Yelling sometimes make a teen just shut down... sounds like you handled this spot on girlfriend!

  2. Life is not going to be peachy all of the time. But you took advantage of your teachable moment and moved on. Sounds like you have a great relationship with Dak.

    I love the pictures. Wish I could fit into my wedding dress. Of which is on my blog today if you would like to see it.

    Have a great day.

  3. Dawn,

    Sometimes posts don't need to have a message of inspiration and wisdom in them, sometimes there are there to share the secret bond of mothers and to know we have all been there at some point in our lives.

    Thanks for always keeping it real!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Oh, your "moment" with Dak last night brings back lots of memories with my boys. We had so many teachable moments in those high school years and those are some of the memories I hold dearest.

    Nice photos... I LOVE the last one! Beautiful.

  5. I just love these kind of posts. It helps those of us who don't really know you IRL to get to know you better. I enjoy this! Maybe I'll dig some out of me when I was younger... :)

    YOu delight me!

  6. I appreciate your sharing Dawn and the teachable moment with your son.

    Beautiful photos!!!

  7. That is definitely a moment to remember - for both of you! And you know, I ordered those legs too and mine just got smushed. :-) Love the blog!