Monday, June 22, 2009

It's like a heat wave around here.... so why am I wearing a scarf?!!

I'm pretty sure that blogger has a beef with me. Apparently it doesn't like my long titles =)
I have been having SSSSSOOOOOOO much trouble posting and even getting on to read posts lately. I don't know what the deal is. My computer has been acting up lately, so maybe it's that. I don't even know what my blog looks like right now. I was in the middle of changing it yesterday and I couldn't get a background to load and then when it finally loaded and I looked at it, it was not the one I uploaded but an old one I had on before, and then the last time I looked it had no background. But today is a new day right?!!! right. Anyway, moving on .....

Last week, my doorbell rang and standing in front of me was our postman with a box in his hand. Have I ever mentioned my affection for mail?!! I REALLY dig getting things in the mail, even if it's just a card, but a box?! Oh my good gravy, I hit the jack pot that day!!!!!

So what was in it you ask?!! Well my wonderful bloggy friend RJ (Rebecca Jo, but she let's me shorten it because we're tight =) has been trying to help me knit since like, forever, okay only since like December or January, but I'm sure it feels like FOREVER to her. I, alas, am a slow learner. Unless she could show me in person, yep then I catch right on.....anyway...... Since she can't teach me in person, she sent me a DVD and a book, some yarn, needles and a pattern to make this really cute tote.

And tucked away in the bottom of the box was this......
Yes a BEAUTIFUL scarf. I just had to show you!!!!! My hubs really loved it too. Which is saying something, because generally scarfs wouldn't be his thing to comment on, but he was indeed moved and touched by the generosity of my dear RJ. Now let's address Dak and the scarf for a moment. I don't have a pic, but let's just say he saw it and saw a different use for said scarf. He tied it to his head and called himself Ninja Boy, oh yes and might I mention Dak is 16!!! It was so cute. But I took it away from him, mine boy mine. A girl in a house with only boys must fight for what is hers..... oh yes she does!!!!! =)
Little Scoot enjoyed this scarf as well. Yes that is raspberries he is getting ready to blow at GiGi. He enjoys that =)
Oh and if your wondering, yes I am very tired in this pic. We went swimming at G's on Friday and I got REALLY sunburned. So that is why I look like I'm about to go to sleep while wearing a scarf with the temp in the upper 90's, while holding the most adorable g-babe in all the world. Yes it is a tough job, but somebodies gotta do it.

And speaking of Sir Cuteness......
We picked our very first cucumber EVER out of our garden over the weekend, so of course we had to have pics of this momentous occasion.
G-babe couldn't get enough of this cucumber.
Look at that face.....and those curls.
How stinkin' cute is this little darlin' I ask you?!!
He is the butter on my bread... oh yes he is!!

And yes here he is pointing out the bottom of the cucumber and telling you all about it.
Yes it really was a wonderful cucumber. It didn't sing "Oh Where is My Hairbrush", but a wonderful cucumber none-the-less =)

Okay so I know this post is really random and all...... so in keeping with that theme.....
Yesterday, Chase took hubs out to eat for Father's day, so when hubby got back I wanted to get out of the house for a while, so we went to Bass Pro. It is such a beautiful store and I always enjoy going there, except for the price tag. Everything is soooooo expensive. Well Dick got a gift certificate for $75.00 to Bass Pro from work from a safety meeting. He won a drawing I think. Anyway, he'd been trying to think of something to buy and couldn't. Well yesterday as he was putting on his sandals and watching me come out in flip flops (because that is the way I get along in the good ole summertime =) he decided I needed a "good" pair of sandals. So off we went to find me some.
And voila!!!.....
Let me introduce you to a beautiful, good, most comfortable, feel nice on my tootsie's sandals from Bass Pro.
Now I NEVER give $75.00 for a pair of sandals, only on tennis shoes do I drop that kind of cash, but hubs really wanted to get them for me, and so we used his GC and added .31 and brought this beauts home with us. They are so nice..... My man is the most generous of souls, both monetarily and of his time and energy. He is the best!!!!! And major overtime starts this week, so I'll be seeing less of him for about the next 2 to 3 months.

In other news, Summer Bible Study Seistaville style, starts tomorrow. This year my friend Carrie and I are doing it together. I just didn't feel like I was to invite a big group this year like last. So her and I are going to do it just the two of us and I'm really looking forward to it. This year the study is a Jennifer Rothschild study, "Me, Myself and Lies". Jennifer is from Springfield so I feel like she is a hometown girl. I'm so happy, so many are going to be introduced to her and her work through this study. If you have never read "Lessons I Learned in the Dark" you really should. It'd be a GREAT summer read for you. She is a remarkable woman of God.
I have much on my mind and heart right now, so hopefully I'll be able to share more of those things this week. Hopefully Blogger will start cooperating and let me come and visit ya'll at your home-blogs =)
Love and hugs ~~
Have a Blessed and Beautiful Monday,
Petrii ~~


  1. Well, I simply love your background! Strawberries are my favorites. And Rebecca is an amazing knitting teacher - we go to the same church. Although, when she taught me, I learned backwards. It's a stich of my own making!

  2. Hi! So glad to 'see' you! I am doing the LPM blog summer bible study too! I am really excited about it and SOOO need to be in a Bible study right now. It looks like I might have one friend and then possibly too who I will meet with a few times so we can talk about the study. Looking forward to sharing it with you too!

  3. Hang in there, I'm only up to squares. When I got my first square ready to be done - I didn't know how to get it off the needles. That was sad.

  4. Love the scarf and the cute pics of you wearing it.
    It is a heat wave here, too.
    That grandbaby is a DOLL!!!

  5. i like the long titles!! it catches my eye!!
    LOVE scarfs!! i wear them year round!!! they add a little something to the outfit!! they're super cute with tank tops too!!

    love the background!!
    i have a hard time keeping up with everyone too, don't feel bad!
    have a great week! goo luck on the scarf....can't wait to see pics!

  6. We ARE tight like that :)

    So glad you like it... its looks FANTASTIC on you!!!!

    GOTTA see Dak with it in his Ninja style!!! That's hilarious!!! Makes me want to knit him up a pain black thing he can use for his Ninja skills!!!

    Hope the DVD has been any kinda help!!!

  7. I could tell you got sun by the color of your nose! Ha!

    That picture of Dak on your header is so funny...