Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick Update ...

Hi everyone, Today has been a crazy busy day. I just wanted to jump on and give an update on Dak. His fever is still down, really gone most of the day until just the last hour and now it is low grade, so I gave him some Tylenol so it will stay under control. He is still feeling REALLY puny. He just lays around and watches movies, reads or sleeps, and this is so unlike him. Usually he's out jumping on the tramp or at a friends pool or playing tennis, but he has been unable to do any of that since he's gotten sick. I will give it at least one more day, but if there is no improvement I will probably call the doc back. I'm just concerned that maybe there is more going on, so we really want to know of anything quickly~~ ya know what I mean? This may just take a while for him to get over. But hopefully one more day and he'll be feeling more like himself.

Well, I'm going to check on Dak and supper (in that order =) and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post on some things on my heart.

Thank you so much for praying,


  1. glad to see an update...was wondering...

    I'm sure it'll take a good while to recover from a fever that high... but mom instincts - listen to them.. if you think you need to call to make sure he's OK - you call! Let us know how he's doing!

  2. They HAVE ruled out mono, right? Mono is pretty common to spike fever a couple times a day and act similar to what you're describing.

    I know how hard it was to see Tyler so sick a couple months ago... especially when he (like Dak) is usually so active and goofy.

  3. goodness poor dak! ya, mono....have they ruled that out! that kinda sounds like mono! i had it my senior year of high school and it seems like that was the last thing they tested me for and sure enough i had it!
    i really hope he starts feeling better soon! keep us updated!

  4. I will continue to pray for Dak. It's time for him to get well!

    I know you are probably exhausted my friend, so please know that I am lifting you up as well.

    Love you -

  5. Dawn,

    I just think he needs just a little more time to heal! I am positive he will be back up to his old self one day completely out of the blue.

    Hang in there and you're all still in our prayers.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. I was wondering the same as some of the others if it could possibly be mono. Hope Dak gets better soon. Keeping y'all in my prayers.