Monday, July 13, 2009

Seriously....How many pictures can one post hold?!!!

This post is full of pics from last week and weekend...
Okay, so what do you think?
Is he feeling better?
I would say so.....
Well here is our lil Scoot...
How cute is this munchkin I ask you?!!

Oh and I just love this pic of his soft curly hair.....

This is another fav....He's looking at his papa...
How cute is this?!!?! He loves his papa so....

Yep and here he is looking up at me....
He also, just happens to really love his nan nan
(which is what he is starting to call me from time to time ~~ how cute is he?!!)
In case your wondering, ummm yes there is water in that sink,
and yes that is a clothed baby in the sink......
Okay, so you're probably wondering if that is normal procedure around these parts...
Well only when you've had a bath in couscous first......
Please, let me explain.....
I made couscous with honey and soy milk for breakfast for me....
And for Scoot I made couscous with soy milk (minus the honey ~~ ya know honey and babies don't mix... anyway....)
and we had a lot of fun eating playing in our breakfast, by the time we were done we had it all over ourselves and our chair.
It was so fun!!!
I forgot to have hubs take pics of that, so instead I thought I'd take pics of clean up,
although it really just looks like he's playing, fully clothed, in a sink full of water, there really was couscous on us....really =)
Here's some more fun we had.
Ah yes baby and hubs on the trampoline ~~ so fun!!!

He's trying to decide if he likes it at this point!!

Look at this hair ~~ yep ~~ baby + trampoline = static!!!
I love this one.....look how he's clinging to his papa...

Look how sweet this is.....Cutie pie holding onto Cutie pie....

Look at this face...

We hope you enjoyed our weekend in pics.......
We heart you..... =)

Have a Blessed Monday,


  1. A fun weekend with the loved ones!! Sky is so so cute... and Dak looks like he's back to himself again! YAY! God is good!

  2. Such fun pictures. That little guy is adorable!

  3. Dawn,

    Happy Monday to you! It looks like your days have had a complete turn around from posts last week.

    So glad that things are finally looking so much sunnier!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I'm so glad to see Dak is feeling better! Yea. :)

    Love the pictures. Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. Darling, darling, DARLING!!! Scoot's hair is adorable! And SO glad Dak is all better!

  6. LOVE the glasses!!!!
    all of the pics are sooo cute!!
    he's got more hair than my baby! he's adorable!

  7. Wonderful pictures, thank for sharing.

  8. Loved the pictures!!! Tooooo cute!!!

  9. All of your pictures brought a huge smile to my face. I love babies..., especially cute ones.
    Blessings ~ Lis