Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who Knew!!!

Dak and I had the best day today. We went and got his hair cut and finished his clothes school shopping. He is just the funniest kid to shop with.
He actually shops and makes it fun.
This is a pic of him at McAlister's for our afternoon tea.
I'm telling ya, we were in dire need of a tea and a seat ~~
I ask you ~~ How cute is he?!!
I mean really!!
(Sorry for the glare, taken with cell phone)

Dak is on the prom committee this year and the theme is something to do with a masquerade.
So today he took me to this place in our local mall that has these masks.
So how creepy is this one?!! EEK!!
And of course I had to get in on the action ~~
How glam is this?!!

So Dak and I are walking down the mall and I look up and guess what I saw?
FOREVER 21 ~~ Who knew?!! Be still my heart!! I was so happy.
So I went in and bought an ADORABLE top!! I will be showing that to you soon.

Now onto the real business ~~
Guess who turns 1 tomorrow?!!

Yep Sir Cuteness himself!!

And he's happy about it too ~~ see?!! =)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful evening,


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  2. Dawn,

    Yup definitely Caitlyn is going to be commenting Dak soon about his ultra cute hair! She thought he was cute before but oh no, not this cute!

    The question I get asked is where does he live? Too far from you!

    Love the prom theme and where did you get the masks to try on. Love yours!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    Darn, wish they have spell check on the comment window!

  3. Shopping for school clothes is so much fun! Just love new beginnings! Forever 21 is such a great store with unbelievable prices.

    Love the prom daughter's prom theme this year was the same! Love Dak's hair..such a handsome young man.

  4. Happy Birthday to Sir Cuteness!!

    Tell Dak I love the hair and I think it's cool he goes shopping with his mom. When I am shopping with my daughters and don't see very many mother/son combos.

  5. McCalister..mmmmm... love that place!

    What a beautiful masquerade mask! That prom will be FUN!!!!

    Love that Dak is always changing his look... what a cool kid!

    And Sir Cuteness - ONE YEAR OLD??? WOW!!!

  6. I just love me some McAllisters Tea!! Dak is such a funny guy!

  7. I enjoyed this. Your son is so handsome!

    Love you.