Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Little Late ~~ But A Lot of Fun!!!

So I had a lot of fun on my birthday last week, but I haven't gotten pictures up yet.
So without further ado....
I have a secret ~~ my GiGi got older last week.... heeheehee
My friend took me to a local Japanese garden (although we didn't realize this was NOT the JG, this was another garden in front of the JG, and the JG wasn't open the day we went, bummer... but still so fun!!)
So here I am with my scary face. I don't know why I have such a goofy look on my face...
yep goofy!!

And I don't know why my foot is off the ground here.
I can assure I was not getting ready to skip or jump...
Nope, no skipping or jumping with these knees =)
Nope....again just me and my goofyness!!!
This tree was wrapped around a pergola, so neat.
I love stuff like this.
God's creation is so amazing!!!
Vines that wrap around, so cool!!

This is an ode to my love of sunflowers!!!

This is me in the jungle of grass.
How absolutely beautiful were these grasses.

Look at this beautiful butterfly. I took a lot of pics to get just the right one.
Isn't she beautiful?!?!

Peek-a-boo ~~ me hiding in the grass!!

Hey, so glad you came by to see my GiGi's birthday pics!!!

Oh yeah, how cute am I?!!? I mean seriously.....
Yep this child is too cute for words!!!!!

Have a Beautiful Wednesday,


  1. Sky is just full of information (and curls, ha!).

    You are looking good, Dawn! Just look at your arms in your header photo. Beautiful.

  2. You can never look goofy!! But I did wonder where your leg was! hehe!!

    God's creations are amazing, aren't they!!!

    Especially the creation of that cute Sir Cuteness!!!

  3. Dawn,

    Love all the photos you have shared with all of us during your birthday. Isn't it funny when we look through some and wonder just what we were doing when that picture was taken?

    Love them all, especially of Sir Cuteness. He is so adorable.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat