Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(Update) Rocking Monett!!!

UPDATE: Kerri went to be with Jesus this morning. He was a wonderful Christian man whose love for the LORD was contagious. He was a teacher of God's Word and made you want to be better. He was a kind-hearted and gentle soul and will be GREATLY missed by his family and friends. Please remember his family. This is such a difficult time for them. Thank you all for praying.
Please let me start off with an urgent prayer request.
We got a call last night that a friend we used to go to church with and have Bible study with had a car accident and was in critical condition. We got a call later saying that he'd actually had a massive heart attack or stroke while driving and had run off the road into a field. (Kerri is probably about late forties or fifty years old.) He hit no other cars.
I just saw on FB this morning that the family has had to make some very hard decisions and now they wait. Please be in prayer over the Smith family. Kerri and his whole family are in dire need of our prayers. Thank you so much!!!
Well CC (Cross Country) is off and running!!! (heehee I crack myself up!! ~~ running, get it, cross country, running....anyway.... =)
Yesterday afternoon we had a meet at Monett, MO. This is one of our toughest meets of the season. It is at their park and golf course. There is something like 9 hills on this baby, and some of them straight up.
This course, generally kicks some serious booty.
This is Dak's third year running CC. He didn't run in Jr. High. He started as a freshman.
For those of you unfamiliar with CC here's how it works.... it is a 5K run (3.1 miles). And the fastest one wins =) They generally give medals to the top 20 runners. You can run up to seven people on a team from your school, but only the first 5 across the finish line count toward your team score. You medal individually. There are no team medals except at Conference, Districts and State.
Dak has been running really well all year so it was exciting to see how he would do in this meet.
Here the boys are getting ready.......

On your mark...
get set...
Just keep running...running....running.....

The finish line is in sight....yes!!!

And what was the result?!!

That's right.....


This is Dak's first medal in a CC meet!!!

He was very excited!!

Here he is with his fellow medaler, C. (He's a fast one too!!)
showing G his medal!!

And here he is one more time....just for me.

It was such a fun meet, and in such a pretty setting. It was great for an almost fall afternoon. Meets continue through October with districts and the end of October and state being the first full weekend in November. So we are gearing up for an exciting and fun season.
GO DAK!!!!


  1. Oh how I am missing cross country. My oldest ran cross country for 3 years. Last year, her senior year, she qualified for state individually. We were so excited and at state even though she didn't place all that well over all, she did take first place for her school.

  2. GO DAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And praying for your friends... thats horrible

  3. I just prayed for Kerri and his family. How sad.

    How exciting for Dak!! I wish I would've done something like that in HS. I think there's more medals in sight for that big boy!!

  4. Dawn,

    I too have lifted prayers to God for the Smith family and the decisions that they are having to face. I am praying for Gods divine healing hand and wisdom and guidance that each decision is by God's leading hand.

    So excited that Dak won his first medal! Does this mean an Olympic race is in his future???

    Congratulations again and I know that you are one super proud mom!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Congratulations to Dak!! Way to go!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Kerri. May the peace and comfort of the LORD be with his entire family during this difficult time.

    Love you.