Thursday, October 1, 2009

Okay Dak, what do you really think of your shirt?

Okay so let me ask you a question?

If you were a teenage boy and you were voting on your t-shirt for choir for the YEAR, what colors would you NOT choose?

Yes that's right ~~ NEON pink & NEON green!! (Obviously Dak didn't get the gray and black shirt he voted on ~~ yep he was out voted by a bunch of girls =) ~~ So funny!!!)

Okay so tell us about it son, we're here for you =) (excuse my very deep, man-sounding voice, I have a cold =)

In other Dak related news, he took 12th and medaled at the Pleasant Hope meet on Tuesday. We are just so proud of him. I know 12th doesn't sound very good, but in the world of CC it really is. This was a big meet with a lot of bigger schools than us, so for him to even medal in the top 20 (they medal top 20 in regular CC meets), that is a HUGE deal for our small school. Dak's teammate C, finished 15th, so we had two boys that finished in the top 20 ~~ great job boys.

For our HS girls we have 3 runners and two of them finished in the top 10. K finished 2nd, this girl is so fast, and B finished 10th (I think? ~~ she medaled for sure, it was 10th or better), so the CC team is really having a good year. It is so cool to see the kids working so hard and doing so well. GREAT!!!!!

Dak has a Meet at Ash Grove today, but it is suppose to storm here. We have NEVER been rained/stormed out. They run CC regardless of the weather, except when it comes to storms of course, so we will see.

I am definitely under the weather today, so I may not be able to go ~~ boo. But if they have their Meet, I'll definitely be rooting him on from here and waiting for my phone to ring.

GO DAK GO!!! GO CLEVER BLUE JAYS ~~ WE DON'T RUN WE FLY!!! (Isn't that the cutest motto ever?!! Love it!!)

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pics up of a project that I've been working on and so excited about. I really wanted to put up pics today, but it isn't quite together yet, but oh I so want to share, so hopefully tomorrow!!

And it is time for my next memory verse, but I'm not sure which one yet, so I should know today or tomorrow and will change that on my side bar and give you a heads up.

Thank you all so much for reading.

Have a Blessed and Lovely day,



  1. So nice reading about your handsome son and hearing him express his absolute displeasure with that very colorful (watermelon I think he said) T-shirt (smile).

    I'm praying for you sweet sister. Love you.

  2. that video is hilarious! "I'm over here"... I was cracking up... Hey, at least he'll be colorful TOGETHER & its not him alone. Maybe they'll BLIND the competition! :)

  3. A trip to MO actually sounds pretty fun! We'd love to hang out with you!
    Dak in the pink and green shirt was hilarious!

  4. Dawn,

    At least it's a choir shirt and survival gear all rolled into one! Loved how he really got to the heart of what he really thinks of it.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. This post started my day with a smile. Love the post..., the shirt - not so much! Have a GREAT day!