Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Friday Lovliness.....

YAY I'm back to Random Friday's. I heart RF's. If you don't know what that is, well on this blog, it is a catch up of things from the week. I love it because I can look back and see details. I love the details. anyway.....

  • Dak has a Meet in Joplin today (about an hour and a half from here ~~ road trip =) I'm really looking forward to seeing him run today, since I had to miss the last meet. boo. He only has two Meets before Districts next Saturday. It is so hard to believe we are already at the end of the season for this year, and that he only has one more CC season to look forward to. Time flies by so fast. We have a Meet today and then on Tuesday and then Districts next Saturday. GO DAK & GO CLEVER BLUE JAYS!!!!!

  • On Tuesday, I took mom to the doctor. Everything is fine, it was a flu shot and check-up kind of thing. But the highlight of the day: we're driving to her appointment when she looks over and says, "I always look so forward to spending the day with my beautiful daughter." Now I know she says that to all of her daughters (3 of us now) and of course her son is the most handsome son she's ever seen. My mom is one beautiful lady, I tell ya!! Thanks mom for a GREAT day!!! Just what I needed.

  • So how does CHRISTmas at Mayo sound to ya? I talked to Mayo yesterday and our next appointment is December 22nd. Yep CHRISTmas at Mayo this year (if the weather cooperates =) I am not bummed though, Father knows what we need. So I am cool with that.

  • It is COLD here today. High in the 40's and drizzle all day. Nice!! Again GO CLEVER BLUE JAYS ~~ YES IN THE COLD!!!

  • The flu has hit our school. Boo. We got an automated call this week informing us of this. Do ya'll get these? I don't know how they do it, but the computer lady calls and tells us all kinds of informative things. Yes she is a new BFF. I feel like I am in the know once again. Because let's face it, when teenager's hit high school, you pretty much know nothing about what is going on unless they need money. Funny how that works =) So if you walk in our house and Sweet Hubby is home, he comes at you with the anti-bacterial wash. No kidding. If you were the president, which I know your not, BUT if you were, yep you would not be exempt. He will come at you people. He is all about being healthy and keeping his family that way. He is a good, good provider for us!!!!!!!!! Love you D!!!!!

  • Since I have been in a transparent mood this week, I thought I'd go ahead and stick with that theme one more day =) and talk about parenting. Some times it is just hard, especially when your kids are teenagers. What is too much?!! When do you push or back off?!! It is a balance. I am learning that less is more most of the time, and that he is definitely growing up and that means I have to back off....ouch.that.hurts. But back off I must. But in the midst of all this backing off there are still moments that I know he still needs his mama. On Tuesday, he went to Senior night for our Volleyball Lady Jays and was only there about 10-15 minutes when I got a call from a VERY excited Dak. He called to say that the movie theater had called him and left a message for an interview. He was so excited!! So he came right home and called them back. Well he comes running into me and says, "Mom I have interview TONIGHT at 8:00 o'clock!! And you have to go with me mom!! I'm so excited!!!" Of course I said YES and off to Springfield we went. It was 7:00 pm and so we had an hour to get to his appointment and we live approximately 30 minutes from there. He doesn't know if he got the job or not (a scheduling thing), but still VERY exciting for him, and for me, because he wanted me to go with him. He did this mama's heart good.

So there is more, but that is good for now. Thanks for reading. Have a Beautiful day and a Blessed weekend,

PS I am having SO much fun with Thanksgiving Thursdays. Your comments are so fun!!! Thank you so much!!


  1. Glad your momma is doing well... that is so sweet she still says that to her daughters... made me tear up a little. Words from a mother's mouth are priceless gems!

    Gotta throw in a big GO DAK!!!!

  2. Dawn,

    Great news abounds in your beautiful post! Praying for Dak and the job that he gets it. No more missing any of the latest movies and just think of the perks he will get.

    Praying for you on Dec 22nd that God will still make it super special and blessed!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Am enjoying your Thanksgiving Thursday posts - makes me want to decorate, decorate and more decorate - oh, and maybe bake a little bit too :-)

    God bless you and your family,

  4. What a wonderfully uplifting post. Thank you.
    It does do a mom's heart good when their child still needs them. Mine is 25 and still calls home to ask for advice. AWWW!

  5. What a SWEET mom!!

    Yep, parenting teens is hard work! And letting go is HARD. But, you'll find it will also be SO fun!!

    Hope Dak gets the job.