Monday, October 19, 2009

"When I'm 64"!!!

Friday evening was Dak's Showboat Clever Belle performance with his High School Choir.

It was an absolutely delightful time. These kids are just so much fun to watch.

They did a number to the song "When I'm 64". And here is Dak the way he sees himself at 64. Hahahahahaha ~~~ I told him and Alyssii that it just wasn't very funny (heehee). Because how many of you know that the older you get the younger 64 seems? To them I seem ancient at 43. That my friends is a another story for another day =)

So this is Dak at 64 ~~ hahahaha ~~ cute son, real cute =)

Here he is hobbling onto the stage ~~ heehee!!
This was another song that the choirs good.

And this is my favorite pic of the evening. They are singing Splish-Splash (which I posted a little video of over the weekend). LOVE this pic ~~ yep that's my boy getting his groove on!!!

And then here are two videos of when I'm 64.
Note: I just posted these and viewed them on my blog and I have them backwards.
So please watch the second one first and then the first one.
It makes more sense that way =)




  1. You're not proud of your son, or anything - right? hehe!!!

  2. Funny stuff! Dak is just the cutest thing!

  3. How fun is that! I love that Dak is so involved in HS stuff. He'll look back and be so glad he did!

  4. Cute and fun! Check back with him when he's really 64 (smile). I'm sure he'll be telling his grandchildren that he's not old (smile).

    Thanks for your loving encouragement on my blogs and your prayers while I had taken a break. I missed you. I'm praying for you and your precious family.

    I love you.