Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And the Award goes to .....

Last night was our Fall Athletic Banquet and it was so nice. The kids were honored in such a wonderful way and we as parents, got to beam proudly as we saw our "youngin's" take their place in Clever High School Sports history. Too fun!!!
Well here is the CC team at Conference this year.
This group of young people are so nice and polite and well, kid-like.
They interacted so well together.

Dak has run CC since freshman year.
It has been a joy and delight to watch him grow in the sport.
The coach, while describing CC last night, called it a grueling sport.
That my friends is putting it mildly.......
just look at this face.....GO DAK GO!!!!!
In true Petrii fashion, my pic taking ability lacks.
In fact Dak told me last night that I couldn't yell for him next year,
my only job is too take pictures. boo.hoo.hoo.
Something about him wanting pictures from his mother in his senior year,
so he can look back and say "my mom took that." Silly boy,
who cares who took the pic as long as it gets taken right?!!
(I'm secretly cheering next year ~~ shhhhh don't tell Dak =)
So on to my poor picture taking ability.
Here is one of the pics I took last night at the Banquet.
They all pretty much look the same, so you get just this one.
But nice huh?!!

Dak took home several awards.
He lettered (3 years straight now ~~ YAY!!)
He was All-Conference
Most miles ran (the boy ran 205 miles this SEASON alone)
And he took home the Most Improved Award, 2nd year in a row.
Last year he improved his time by over 2 minutes and this year he improved his time by over a minute. These are amazing accomplishments in the world of CC.
It is going to be so fun to see what he will do next year.
Right now he is getting ready to train for a 1/2 marathon in the Spring and Tennis.
Yep, he is a busy boy!!!

Okay so these next ones were taken when we got home (by obviously not me =)
This is our Lady GaGa pose ~~ I don't know. I.don't.know.


Me and my boy!!

I love this kid so ~~ I mean seriously!!!

If there was one piece of advice I could give you mama's out there,
it would be to love your children well. Even when things are haywire.
Love them well.

Here is Dak, well being Dak.....

Wait for it....

Wait for it....


Here he is after work one night.
Yep that is the way he feels sometimes coming in from work.
Tired. Hungry. Need sleep.

On the work front, Dak really likes it.
Monday night he came home and said that he'd received two cards from different residence, and he didn't know what they were for, so he took them to the Nurse's Station and the nurse told him at first he wasn't eligible and then look his name up and told him he was eligible, to which Dak said, "eligible for what?" =)
So she explained to him that the residence can give these cards out if they think you are doing a good job, and then you get either $1 or $2 extra dollars in your pay check for each card (Dak wasn't sure the amount.) How great is that?!?!! He really likes the people in the nursing home, they are so sweet.
Tomorrow is our last pre-Thanksgiving installment for Thanksgiving Thursday for this year and I'm excited. I will be posting a little something-something on Thanksgiving as well, but it's a surprise, so keep tuning in............. :)
Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,


  1. Way to go, Dak! Great accomplishments. I really like the poses of the two of you together.

  2. Dawn,

    What an incredible blessing Dak is not only in your lives, in his own life but in the lives of the people he interacts with at the nursing home. Go DAK!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Love the pics of you & Dak... he is too funny!!! Not shy at all, is he?

    And I KNEW they'd love him at the nursing home!!!

  4. I second all that has been said here: WAY TO GO DAK!

    Dawn, it is so obvious that you and your son have an incredibly loving and fun relationship. What a blessing.

    Love the photos!

    Love you!!!

  5. What a great Dak post! He's done well. I told you those nursing home residents would LOVE him!!

    Love the photos of y'all together. There's NOTHING like momma and her baby boy!!