Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday is a comin'....wait for it....wait for it... =)

Just wanted to let you know that the "Thanksgiving Thursday" post is coming, it will just be later this afternoon.

I went to the dentist yesterday because my partial plate came in, and so today I have to go back in for what is probably going to be a ginormous amount of adjustments. Yep fun times.

And also Sir Cuteness is running a fever, so I may have to go watch him for a little bit. tear. OF.COMPLETE.JOY.!!!!! =) (Not that he has a fever, but that I might get to see him today. Oh you know =)

But I do have a TT post running around in this brain of mine, and oh what fun it will be.

See ya this afternoon ~~ so to speak ~~ well you know =)

Also before I go, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be in prayer for Jennifer (MckMaMa) and Stellan today as they travel to Boston. Please go here for the latest. Also please keep praying for Kate McRae and also Andrew who is 12 and also battling a brain tumor. Thank you so much!!!!!

Love you,


  1. Praying for Jennifer, Stellan, your Grand baby and YOU. Love you much.

  2. So much to pray for...

    hope your dental visit isnt HORRIBLE...

    Have fun with that baby! Dont get sick yourself!

  3. Dawn,

    Looking forward to your post later today or when you get around to posting it. Enjoy the day as much as you can.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Lifting up you and each of your requests.
    Blessings ~ Lisa

  5. hope your dentist appointment went well! i hate going to the dentist!

    we're praying!!
    have a blessed day!