Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Mr. Jay ~~

Last night was the ceremony for Mr. and Miss Jay in between b-ball games.
Dak and Arielle were the Junior Class candidates.
How cute are these two?
They were so nervous ~~
Beautiful Arielle biting her lip ~~
So cute...
Can you tell that Dak doesn't feel well?
Poor guy!!
(More on that in just a minute.)

Drum roll please....
Mr. and Miss Jay for 2009 ~~
David (Sophomore) and Beautiful Arielle ~~
Congratulations you two!!!

Dak and Arielle after the ceremony.

There's that beautiful smile =)

Are they not gorgeous together?

I mean seriously ~~ these two are as sweet as they are pretty (err, uhh, handsome =)

Arielle is the sweetest thing. We attend the same church ~~ so great!!!

Me and my beautiful handsome boy!!

You can tell by his gorgeous eyes that he IS NOT feeling very well ~~

but he did so good. (Why yes RJ, that is the scarf you made me over the summer ~~ it is so warm ~~ I LOVE IT!!!)

Okay so a little behind the scenes info:

Dak stayed in his shorts and t-shirt, wrapped up in a blanky in the the recliner until just about 20-30 mins before we had to leave. He was feeling lousy.

Now just a note about that: I'd be so thrilled if you would remember my sweet Dak. We went to the doc yesterday thinking he had a sinus infection, and which he has a little one, but that was not her biggest concern. Dak's blood pressure was high!! What?!!!! My runner's boy BP is high?!! How does that even happen?!!!! We have to go back in three weeks to have it rechecked when he's not sick. She said that being sick could cause it to be a little high, but shouldn't have been as high as it was (top number). So we will have it rechecked.

Also his billirubin count was high (liver enzymes) and there was protein in there as well. So she put him on an anti-biotic and told us to be keeping on eye on him. She asked several times about his appendix and if that side hurt and so forth. So we will be keeping a really close eye on him this weekend.

The doc will be calling this weekend (Sunday) to check on him. I love our pediatricians. We of course have the one we see regularly, but she was out yesterday, so we saw the one on call this weekend, and she was great as well. All of the docs in this office are stand outs!!!

So that's the scoop. He's not going to work today. He's going to be e-shopping today though. Such a dude!!! =) Last year we did all his shopping online and he's HOOKED!!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Saturday,


  1. Praying Dak will be recuperated soon and that it's nothing serious!!

    I LOVE me some e-shopping!! I do most of mine online and then finish at the stores. There's nothing like shopping in your PJs!!

    Love your Christmas music, friend!!!

  2. hope dak feels better!!!
    what a hansome man all dressed up! tha'ts a great pic of yall!! have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Look how handsome your son is! Sorry Dak is still feeling so bad. I know sinus infections can just make you feel so bad ALL OVER!!! And high blood pressure???? How does that happen in a healthy young man? I'll pray for that!

    And the scarf looks FANTASTIC on you! Especially with that denim jacket!!!

    Love you friend!!!