Monday, April 26, 2010

May Whole Food Challenge ~~ Day 1

Update: Check out the breakfast recipe I posted a few minutes ago for this WFC!!! Just click on the Recipe label. Enjoy!!

Hey everyone!!! I wanted to jump on here and just give you a bit of encouragement. If you are joining me on this journey or would like to, welcome.

I am already realizing that I eat a lot of processed foods, even though I generally eat very healthy. But I am adjusting and had a wonderful breakfast and a lovely lunch. I will be sharing recipes with you tips that are helping me along the way.

So friends, lets do this thing!!!

If you are starting slow and just cutting out one processed food a day, it might look like this. Maybe you have a regular snack, say like mine, vegan hot chocolate every night!! I love it and I've learned to make it with protein which is great, but for this month I will not be partaking. I'm hoping to not have a single one all month. Now I really like these things, so that is going to be a challenge for me, but I can do it, and so can you. So if you have something that you eat regularly every day then maybe you could change it to a whole food, like if it's a snack like mine, you could change it to an orange or apple.

Just swapping one processed food for a whole one every day is a positive change.

So happy swapping ~~

Healthfully Yours,

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