Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sir Cuteness' Garden Style

Have you ever seen such a cutie pie in a sweater?!!~~
Yes now I know that it is the end of April and a sweater seems a little out of place,
but not in this weather. It has been so chilly here.
Well yesterday me and this cutie pie made our way out to the garden and look what we found.....

Now I could not get this baby to look at me for very long, but he will point to the radishes for you.
And no he is not looking at me, I'm in front of him.
So cute!!

Okay so here is one that he sort of looked at me. Here he is smiling, kind of =)

Look at all these beauties!!! Sir Cuteness had so much fun picking these!!
Little ones just LOVE a garden ~~ oh yeah, and so do I =-)

See y'all?!! Yummy radishes!! He tried to eat one just like he would a tomato, but quickly decided that it was not a tomato at all. Wowzers!!!!!

Hope ya'll have a beautiful day =)


  1. OH SNAP! Yep - not a tomato... I bet his little face changed QUICK when he tasted that expecting a tomato! haha!!

  2. Dawn,

    I can only imagine the look of shock on Sir Cuteness' face when he realized that these do not taste at all like tomatoes.

    Such is life when we think something is going to be so good for us and then find out the bitterness that lies within doing things our own way instead of listening to God.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. He really is adorable. ANd I oh so want one.