Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Any takers? .... Are you game?....

So on Tuesday June 22nd, The LPM Blog (Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministry Blog) will be starting their third year for the Summer Bible Study. I have participated the last two years and have grown through both of those experiences.

Well, they are ready to start again and this year they are back to a Kelly Minter study. The first year it was the NOG study by Kelly, "No Other gods" and then last year it was "Me, Myself and Lies" from Jennifer Rothschild (local girl ~~ go Jennifer =) and then this year it is Kelly Minter's newest study "Ruth".

Well, the first year I hosted a group of ladies in my home, and it was a beautiful thing!!! We saw one lady trust her heart to the Lord in Salvation and we had such sweet fellowship breaking bread together and getting to know each other better. Yes, it was indeed a sweet time.

And then last year I was in a different season in my life and different feel that I could tackle having a study in my home like I had the year before, so my dear friend Carrie and I did the study together. It was GREAT!!!

Well, this year finds me in yet another season in my life and again I will not be hosting it in my own, and this year will not even be able to do a one-on-one like last year, but I do have a proposal for you my bloggy peeps =) Would any of you like to do this study with me here on my blog?

The way it would work, is to do the study through the week and then every other Tuesday, starting June 22nd and running through the first week in August (I think) I'll do a post on here including BMoore's questions and my answers to those and then you can leave your answers in the comments or you can e-mail me personally if that works better for you.

Every year there have been SO many who do not have anyone to do the study with. It always makes me want to be able to have them ALL in my home, but that is just not possible, but through blogs it is possible to host someone into your blog home and make them feel comfy and loved. Ya know? ....

So here is the link to the LPM blog post outlining Summer Bible Study for this year. Please let me know if you're interested. I know that many of you like myself, are so busy. I really didn't know how I'd be able to work this study into my life right now and that made me sad, because I really want to do it. And then this idea just came to me ~~ haha that makes me laugh!!! I know that God placed this in my heart.

So any takers? ~~ Are you game? ~~ I'm game if you are ~~ let me know what you think =)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day ~~


  1. OK - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea...

    Not exactly sure how it works - but I'm all about wanting to find out. I get I have to buy the workbook (gladly) - but is there a video as well? Where do you see it? Let me know how it works... and I'll pass this on to some other friends & post it on my twitter/facebook & blog... LOVE IT lady!!!

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    I can't participate as the season I'm in is three Bible Study groups (one in home, one at church and one via email with a friend) but I pray for the Holy Spirit to pour out upon you and all who join you via blogging this summer. I will pop in when I can.

    I love you much!

  3. Dawn,

    You know I am in. Just provide me with what I need to do.

    Love and Hugs ~~ Kat

  4. Hope its alright that I have an award for you at my blog!!!
    I think your pretty Special!!!
    My email will be there to you eventually too...
    Keep Sharing God to all of us Sweetie,,,you are a BLESSING!!!
    Hugs Dena