Thursday, May 20, 2010

The In-Pass.....

This is the journal that I bought to record Dak's Senior Year.
Isn't she lovely ~~ Isn't she wonderful ~~ Yep makes me happy =)
It may look familiar....Stephanie at Happily Ever After had a give away a couple of weeks ago, and no, I was not the winner, but I loved it so much I asked Steph where she got it and so I ordered one for myself from Barnes and Noble. It is the most beautiful journal I have ever owned. How fitting that it will record the memories of my babies Senior Year. Yep, very fitting indeed.
This is the purpose of this journal. I wrote this on the first page as a reminder....
"The journal of a son's Senior Year ... seen through the eyes of a mother .... his mother."
This journal is a reflection of my heart. I know that this year holds many wonderful things and also many life changing things. I hope to drink it all in and celebrate each milestone and cry a lot. Because that's what mama's do right? We cry.
I wrote this poem tonight as I was thinking about Dak's Senior Year:
The In-Pass
How did it happen?
Didn't I just drop you off in Kindergarten yesterday?
How did it happen?
You have grown up so fast...
Have I taken it all in?
Have I paid enough attention?
Have I savored every moment?
Oh how I've tried...
How did it happen?
You are now a Senior...
A beautiful, wonderful, young man...
and yes a Senior.
I watch in amazement as a boy becomes a man before my very eyes...
How did it happen?
It happened because God ordained it child.
You have grown so fast it seems,
but the point is... you have grown.
You are a beautifully, gifted young man, my son...
So much talent.
So much heart.
So you.
It happened because life keeps moving...
This is your time to shine my boy....
Shine on in Him.
Love, MoM


  1. OK - so from page one, I would cry!!!

    I so wanted to win that journal too from Stephanie's blog... thought it was beautiful! Look at pro-active you are by finding the same one!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!

    Oh - what a treasure this journal will be for Dak from his mom... "through your mother's eyes" - wow... That is a priceless jewel you are giving him!

  2. Dawn,

    I need to hop on over to Barnes and Noble to find this. Can you send me the link of where you find yours? I wanted to see the inside, can you take a picture and post it too! The poem for Dak is amazing and I can only imagine how much he will treasure this!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat