Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Bible Study Kick-Off ~~ WOOT WOOT!!!

Welcome to Summer Bible Study!!!

I wish I could have you all in my home over the next few weeks to study the Word of God. What a rich and rewarding experience it ALWAYS is!!! Anytime you commit yourself to studying the Word you grow. I LOVE THAT!!

So if I were going to get to have you all in my home, you might be welcomed with a pretty bouqet of my favorite flowers.....

I mean seriously, how gorgeous is this bouquet?!! I need to make one of these...

Or maybe a whimsical little cake like this one..... have you ever.....

Or possibly a more sophisticated cake like this one. WOW there are some EXTREMELY talented people out there.... These cakes are AMAZING!!!

But since we are meeting across the miles I send you BIG smiles and hugs......
and Ruth!!!
I am so looking forward to this study and what it will pull out in me. As I was thinking about it this morning, one word kept coming to mind, with an example. How cool is that? Love it when that happens =)


The word that kept coming to mind was sacrifice. Ok STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER KEYS ~~ DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER!!! Sacrifice often times is misconstrued. People sometimes think of it has a bad word, but not so.

When I started thinking about this word, God led me to example that happened in my life LAST NIGHT!!! WOW!!
So last night my man and I went for a bike ride. I new at the start, it probably wasn't a good idea. From the first peddle my knee was hurting. But I pressed on.........
Well, just over about half-way through my knee started really giving me problems and I had to stop....started again.....had to stop.....I.was.bummed. So we took it REALLY slow on the way back. Made it back to the house, iced, elevated and hurt. bummer.
So we went to bed, and my knee was still really hurting, and since I am generally not the pill-popping kind, I decided not to take anything for it. Well, about 30 mins into the whole trying to sleep thing, I mentioned to my husband that I wish I'd grabbed another pillow to put between my knees, thinking this might help. WITHOUT HESITATION he took the pillow from under his head and gave it to me. He never even bat an eye. He could have grabbed one on the floor, he could have said that wouldn't work, he could have told me to quit whining and go to sleep =) but nope, he grabbed his own pillow and gave it to me. He didn't even have to think about it. This may seem like a small thing, but to me it was huge, and it helped tremendously. I tried to give it back, but he wouldn't hear of it. I kept that pillow for several hours, until I woke up and my knee felt better, so I returned that pillow to its rightful owner, my dear man.
Sacrifice.....it is the stuff of champions. Just like my husband, he is a champion to me. And that is the way I want to be, a champion. So to succeed at this Bible Study, I am going to have to sacrifice some things. I find myself in a very busy season, and really didn't think I had time to "fit this in". Silly girl. So I will be sacrificing some TV time, and possibly even some sleep over the next several weeks, to spend some time gleaning in the harvest fields with Ruth. I am so very glad that you are joining me on this journey.
Even if you didn't buy the book or are not doing the study, please join us. This evening at 7:00 PM CST we will be doing a live chat right here on my blog. I've never attempted this before, but I've seen it done, and thought we'd give it a go. I am going to check on doing maybe a Ning chatroom or Google chat or something like that for next time, but for today we will be chatting here on the ole blog. I am so very excited to meet you all here. Just before 7:00 pm CST I will post a little post =) and then we'll begin at 7:00 pm. So jump on over....
I'm looking very forward to what Beth Moore has for us through the LPM site and also what Kelly Minter says to us in the pages of this study. But most importantly I am ready to hear from God. Are you ready?
Let's go.....
Love and hugs,


  1. I already watched the video this morning & am rearing to go!!!

    I felt like a little school kid picking up my workbook for the day before I left home... haha!!!

    I'll be back this evening to kick this study off! Anxious to see what God has in store!

  2. Love the sunflower cake!
    In prayer this morning, "sacrifice" came up.
    Self-sacrificing. It's what Christ did for us. It's what I feel led to do for my children and for the children of other moms.
    To give up my time to labor in prayer over the souls of our children is self-sacrifice.

  3. Love the cakes. They are so you See if it works this time

  4. Hello Dawn,,Just wanted to say~~~I'm sure thinking about you today!!!
    Blessings and Hugs Dena