Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Bible Study ~~ Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy

Good Tuesday Morning to you ~~ hope you all are ready to go for our Tuesday Bible Study meeting this evening right here on the blog at 7:00 pm CST.

I will post just before our "meeting" and let you know we're about to go live and then we will meet in the comments of that post. Unlike the last time we met, I will not have a lengthy post on the evening post. It will be short and sweet so you don't have to do a lot of scrolling to get to the comments section. Yep I live and learn. Thankfully. I saw last time that wordiness on that post just will not do, so just be looking for a short and sweet ready to go post.

We have at least one new lady joining us. Her name is Teresa and she is such a sweetheart. I am SO thankful she is joining with us. Welcome to you dear one.

If you have a moment today, drop by The LPM Blog and check out Beth Moore's video to us and her questions. If you don't have time for the video, the questions are always typed out under the video. We will be going through those questions in our study this evening.

I hope you are enjoying this study of Ruth. I am learning a lot about Ruth and myself. Interesting how that works. We've been through two weeks of a six week journey of a four-chapter book. I'm so happy to be able to take time and really dig into the elements of Ruth.

One thing that is on my heart this morning is a question Beth posed to us last time about the one word that describes our lives right now. Mine was "hard", but to be honest, I've been a little convicted over that, because I don't think it adequately describes this season of my life. I think that "growing" more adequately describes it and growing is, well, hard.

God is taking me OUT of my comfort zone and putting me into difficult places to glean nuggets of truth I would otherwise not have. The overwhelming thing that I am learning through this process is trust. It is the theme that has been reiterated over and over during this time. Lately, it has been really well, hard. It is so cool how God works in me when I'm having a particularly hard day.

Last week, I was driving down the road, and on this particular stretch of road you can see the clouds as clearly as you see the road. You see it all together. Beautiful. As I topped the hill and saw the clouds stretched out before me, one of the clouds was shaped like an angel wing and just to the left of the wing, where the other wing should be, was like the shape of the face or body of the angel. It was so beautiful. In that moment I knew that God was showing me He is ALWAYS on. He doesn't take a vacation. He doesn't rest. He is ALWAYS in the midst of me, ALWAYS.

Well, yesterday, again a difficult day, I topped the same hill, and this time I saw two clouds, one dark and one bright and they were touching. In the middle of these clouds was an opening and through the opening you could see the bluest sky. God was again speaking to me through these clouds and telling me that it was going to be okay. He is God for crying out loud!!! I need to start putting feet to my faith and believe beyond what my eyes can see. Because isn't that what true faith is really all about?!?!!

So that is where I find myself today, this morning, this minute. Knowing that my God is able and He will see me through this time. He is working out His plan. I need to make sure that I stay right in the direct center of His will.

Yep Ruth is bringing out some beautiful truths in my life. I hope it is doing the same for you. I am still chewing on weeping forward and spoken words. Yep be chewing on those for a while.

I will see you back here this evening.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,


  1. I so love when God speaks to us in the places we never think He would.. like driving... looking at the sky & clouds... God is just too darn cool!

    YIPEE - someone new for the group!

    Cant wait for tonight! I'll be back later friend! Cant wait to get everyone's insight!

    Love you lady!

  2. Dawn,

    Oh now that things are beginning to settle down with Steve getting a job, I am hoping to find some time and catch up.

    So glad that God is revealing Himself to you in the quiet times of your day.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat