Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Bible Study .... Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted .... Questions for Introduction Session

Okay, so you get my excited face again ~~ because.......

It is finally time to jump into Fall Bible Study and the Book of Jonah. I am so excited!!! I have been going through this study the last few weeks, so I could have time to pray and ask the questions that the Lord is asking us....and I am SO enjoying this study.

We will be meeting every other Tuesday at 7:00 PM and each meeting we will have usually 4 discussion quesions. Two from the first week and two from the second week of our study materials for that session. I will try to give a short overview and then dive write into the questions. So that is kind of the format....let's get going shall we?....

Jonah was such an interesting and complex guy. A Prophet asked to give instructions to an enemy of Israel. Have you ever consider just how tough an assignment that was? I had always just thought he was being a little hard to get a long with. God said, hey Jonah go to Nineveh. I mean how hard is that? But I had never really considered what God was asking of Jonah. Nineveh was full of Assyrians who were the arch enemy of the Israelites. And God was calling Jonah to go to them and preach repentance, knowing God would have mercy. Yep tough, very tough assignment.

In our Introductory session tonight there are 4 questions we will be discussing and one assignment I will ask you to complete.

The Questions:

1). If you were to characterize your life in one word RIGHT NOW, what would that be and why?

{We did this assignment in our Ruth study over the summer and it was so interesting. God laid it on my heart to repeat. I'm looking forward to seeing our answers to this.}

2). Jonah is a very familiar story to most of us. And sometimes in a story we know so well, we can miss some wonderful truths tucked inside. Can you share something extraordinary about the familiar in the story of Jonah?

3). Jonah's was a life interrupted by our all-powerful, all-knowing, always loving-us God. How has your life been interrupted lately? How has this interruption impacted your life?

4). Priscilla Shirer made this statement in the intro video: "The best way to see God at work in you, is when you are in a place where only God can handle the situation."

Has this statement been true in your life? If so, how....

5). Assignment: Write a letter to God at the beginning of this study in the front cover of your book. We did this in our Ruth study, and it was such a Blessing to go back and read it at the end of our study.

So come join us tonight at 7:00 pm CST at Chatzy.....right here.

Now, I am a girl who believes that things happen for a reason. I originally had our Fall Bible Study to begin next Tuesday {the first Tuesday in September}. It was all planned out in my head and on my calendar, but then last week I got ahead of myself in posting about our study and said that it begins this week {which is actually the last Tuesday in August ~~ oh boy}. So when this was mentioned to me by a friend doing this study with us, I was like, oh no I can't believe I did that.


I would like to go ahead and get started. I am excited and ready for this journey, and maybe, just maybe some of y'all are ready and need to get started today too. So we begin.

Please join us tonight, and let's have a wonderful Fall in God's Word.

Love you ~~


  1. Dawn,

    I am planning on being there if I can get dinner going earlier enough. Looking forward to it as usual.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. oh, wow - i wish i could be right there with you. I want to do JONAH!

    btw - love, love the excited expression on your face :)

  3. Sorry I have to work tonight but I will be praying for all of you. I'll try to catch up.

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