Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Friday ~~ Seriously All Over the Place Random ....

So I've got some major randomness to share with you today. Not unimportant or mundane, mind you, just random.....

Sir Cuteness has been sleeping in his pack-n-play when he's here, and it was high time he had his own bed. So PaPa and I bought him his very own toddler bed, but not just any toddler is a mini-sleigh bed. Oh.My.Stars. It is the cutest thing!!!

Oh look at that sweet thang on his new bed, sporting his Nebraska best!!! Go Huskers!!!!!

Okay so if you are two, what exactly do you do with a new bed?
Yep you climb on it!!! It is SO cute. He gets at the bottom of the bed and hauls his cute self right on over. Cracks us up!!

See here he is getting ready to Geronimo!!!

Oh my stars ~~ can you even stand the cuteness?!!?! I know!!!

Oh and here is the full view of this adorable bed and totally adorable Sir Cuteness!!!

Okay, so switching gears..... Dak's SWCL Conference Meet was last Saturday and we hopped in the car, went and picked up G and off we went.
Here is Sir Cuteness on the way home putting this toy on his cheeks, and then he'd say....Ouch!!! Hahahaha!!

Here we are.....crutches in hand =) Just the way we are rolling too often now-a-days.

Dak finished 12th in Conference this year. Good job son!!!!!

Okay....stop the incredibly,
adorable is this sweet thang?!!

For some reason, I love this pic...

That afternoon my neighbor had a surprise 50th birthday party for his sweet wife, Linda.
It was at Alice & Irene's in Marionville. I'd never been there, but oh wow, it was SO good!!!
Look how nice this banquet room is? And I mean this is in a REALLY small town.

Here is Linda....the Birthday girl!!
She was SO excited!!!

This is her husband Joe, who set this up for her. So Sweet!!!

Look at this cake ~~ it was just beautiful and made right there at the restaurant.
Really nice!!

This is Daphne, a three time cancer survivor.....ovarian, uterine and then last year, spinal cancer. God has touched this ladies life in such incredible ways. She is opening a cupcakery in our area to benefit her "Heaven's Door" non-profit organization that helps women going through cancer. I will be posting next week about the cupcakery opening so you can go and support this dear lady and her organization, if you are local.

Hope you all have a Blessed weekend ~~

Philippians 2:14-15 (New International Version)

"14Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe....."
Love you ~~

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  1. First - how cute are you in your hat!!!!!

    Second - look at Dak's hair... when did he color it so dark?

    Oh my word... look at that little man laying back in the grass... that is one adorable picture!!!

    Such a big boy with a big bed!!! its the little things that make small ones so happy!