Wednesday, November 3, 2010

86 Degrees and Counting.....

I thought I might give you a knee update, seeing how tomorrow is 2 weeks since surgery.

PT has been coming out to my house, and will the rest of this week as well (2 more times). Then next week, I'll start out-patient PT.

Yesterday, the PTist bent my knee (she bent it) to 86 degrees. Now that is really good and it took me months to get to 86 degrees on my right knee, I am very thankful to have so much more range of motion, but getting there is so very painful.

I will just tell you that I had a very bad night last night. Hoping for a better PT day today, maybe not so much bending on the PTist part and more on my own part. We'll see.

So I thought I'd should you a few pics, so you can see kind of what we're dealing with here.

Yep that is a very tired and in pain me. Hubby took this last night, just before I went to bed.

This is the view from my walker =)

And here it new, pretty knee.
Isn't she lovely?

Lots of swelling and all the dark places are recovering blisters. At this angle you can't see where the big ones were, but you can get the idea.

Well, needless to say, we could still use your prayers. This knee is kickin' my booty some times. I know that is is getting better, it just seems to be going so slow.
Friday I get my staples out and then start out-patient PT next week.
Thanks so much for praying for us. I'm having a lot of swelling in the knee, but also in the ankle and foot too. But I know it will get better.

II Timothy 1:12b ".....I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day."

Have a Blessed day,


  1. OHHHHHH friend... that poor knee!!! But 86 degrees??? That's almost 90!!!!!! Which is almost perfect to sit at... (I remember these things from my own knee therapy)... I can only imagine the pain that comes with that! YIKES!

    But you're getting there - one degree at a time! Before you know it, you'll be up doing a clogging routine, bending that knee back & forth!!!!

    And bless your heart... you look so tired... but still so joyful! Still praying for you dear one!

  2. You are a brave girl! may our Lord continue to give you courage and strength to get past this time in your life.Lean on HIM.

  3. You are one amazing woman Dawn! Still smiling even with that knee!! It sounds like you are making great progress and I am so proud of you for your determination, patience and strength. I have been praying for you everyday and will continue to do so. Glad to see those nasty blisters are finally healing up.

    Keep trusting in the Lord & hope you can feel my love, prayers & ((((HUGS))))

  4. ooh, that knee looks quite painful, but i am praying for you Dawn! Praise God that He brought you through surgery just perfectly and now He will walk you through the healing process!

  5. BLESS YOUR HEART, Dawn!!! Praying for you to feel painfree and yourself again soon!

  6. Oh PRECIOUS! I'm praying....

    Love you!