Monday, January 10, 2011

Bible Study Questions: Session 1

Welcome to our New Year's Bible Study. I am so excited for and grateful for those who are joining us. This promises to be a very thought-provoking, heart-stirring study.

Let's dig into the Word this session ladies. This Word is going to move you and change you. It is just that good. God never changes and His Word is ever-lasting and will not return to Him void.

So let's get to our questions for the Introductory session:

Question 1: Where are you? Now isn't that an interesting quesion. The reason I pose this question is because it is asked of us in this study. It is so important for us to recognize the season we are in right now and just where this study finds us in life. So I am not looking for a one word answer here. Really think about this one. If you are in a hard place, then that is where you are. In studying this material together, we will find a safe place to land our feelings, hopes, dreams, and desires, and also the dreams that haven't been realized or hopes that were dashed. Here is a safe place to land with those feelings.

Question 2: What are your initial thoughts on the Tabernacle?

Question 3: I watched the Introductory Session with Beth Moore and she quotes Abraham Herschel: "A return to reference is the first prerequiste to the revival of wisdom. It begins with a revival of awe. Awe precedes faith." And that is where we need to begin. In total Awe of our God and His might.

Share two Scriptures that remind you of the Awe of God. And share your favorite verse on Faith.

Question 4: In our previous studies we have written a letter to the Lord or a prayer in the front of our study, and I'd like for us to do this again this time, and then read it at the end of our study. It is so good to see how the Father works from beginning to end. It truly is beautiful.

Our first session is tomorrow, Tuesday January 11 at 6:00 PM CST.

See you there,


  1. This sounds like another awesome study by Beth Moore! I am anxious to learn more about it...

    I just signed up for "Breaking Free"...beginning in February and I am so excited!

  2. Thanks for giving me time to think about them I got started today.

  3. These are great questions Dawn and I can't wait to join you ladies tomorrow night! Thanks for posting them a day ahead too.

    I am also co-facilitating Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself at our church on Wed. nights so I'm thrilled to be in a season of Beth Moore right now.