Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~~ The Knee Update ~~

So....where to begin..... I went to the doctor yesterday for a check-up on my knee. I was really hoping to have a little more leash given my way, but that was not to be. In fact, just the opposite.

He came in and checked the knee out and we talked a bit. I prayed before he got in that he would be able to spend a little time and not be to rushed (he was running behind). Well, he did. He sat and talked to me and was so kind (as usual), but he told me that for the next 2 months.....wait a minute let me make this a little plainer..... TWO MONTHS (maybe three, but let's not talk about it =) I have to sit. Sit, like in a chair and DO NOTHING ALL.DAY.LONG. Yep that kind of sit.


Breathe Dawn....its okay..... 2 MONTHS DID I HEAR HIM RIGHT?

Well, when I stopped looking at him like he'd just grown a third eye, he continued. He said that I am just over doing it. He said that my continued and worsening bone pain is because I am on it entirely too much. And for some reason, I am a slow healer.

Now he has been stressing since the surgery that this was A REALLY BIG SURGERY. He did it again yesterday. He said so much of my knee had to be replaced because of the severe disease in it, that it is just seriously going to take an extreme amount of time for it to get better.

I asked him about walking for exercise (because just maybe I went for a walk on Sunday.... okay it couldn't even be considered a real walk, it was LESS THAN a mile for crying out loud!!) to which he told me that I could bike or swim (not for another 2 MONTHS and maybe three) but NO WALKING FOR EXERCISE!! NONE. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!! Again he tells me that this was just such a HUGE surgery and that it is just really to much wear and tear on the knee.

He did tell me that it looks innocent and doesn't think that there is anything wrong with it, except for over use and slow healing. And I just need to be still. WOW!!! That is so tough. Why is that so tough?

So I am now a sitter.....at least for the next 2 MONTHS and maybe three..... have I mentioned that?!! On Thursday, Dak and I have a college visit. In the info pack they sent us, it said to wear walking shoes because this is a walking tour of about 1 1/2 hours. So yep you guessed it, I will be on crutches. Hmpff..... I just cannot risk any more damage to this knee.

I am taking this very seriously, and today I've been sitting.....quite a bit anyway. My mom came by and wanted to take Sir Cuteness and I to Charlies (here in our quaint little town) for lunch. So we went up there, but that wasn't much walking. It was a nice lunch. It is just how it sounds. Sir Cuteness had a Cheeseburger and almost ate all of it. He's not much of a red meat eater, hence the anemia we battle with him, but today he ate so well. Mom had a BLT, and I had a grilled cheese and fries. It was yummy!!!

Now I am on my bed with my laptop and surrounded by scrapbook material for the projects I'm working on.

This will give me much time for studying and reading and reflecting and being still and scrapbooking. So I'm trying to make lemonade out of these lemons.

I've been thinking about this knee a lot and the pain that has been involved with it. God is teaching me some deep lessons about pain and about Him. I love Him so!!! I'm sure I'll be sharing more about that in days to come.

Thank you for praying for me and my knee and for my family.

Have a Wonderful Afternoon,


  1. OH MY GOSH friend... my memory verse from last month just kept ringing through my heart as I'm reading your post

    The Lord will fight for you - you NEED ONLY BE STILL!!!!!!!

    From our Bible Study!!!!!

    Maybe this is what God is wanting you to do, in able to work on something... hint hint?

    Just saying... :)

    I know you are disappointed ... but just imagine that God is wanting you to just be still for a bit - to hand over all control...

    Praying for you in this little adventure ;)

  2. And we thought 3 weeks on the couch with Sidney was rough...my poor sweet friend how I will be lifting you up in prayer DAILY for strength, patience and of course, a complete and total healing of that slow-healing little knee of yours!

    It will be awesome to hear all the things God has showed you and things you learn through this time. Of course, you could always learn to knit or something to help pass the time and occupy the mind/hands.

    Just know we will be praying...LOTS!!

  3. I'm sorry about the sitting-thing. I hope you don't overdo it with your crutches in hand!!! Take it easy, Dawn. :)