Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~

My dearest Dak,

WOW!!! The time is sure flyin' now. In less than three months you will be graduated and starting a new chapter in your life; a defining chapter.

We went on a College Visit this week to MSU in Springfield, and you loved it!! That surprised us both. You kind of went at first, just going through the motions, but the more that you toured, the more you liked it. You turned to me while we were still in the academic section and said, "mom, I really like this. I could see myself going to school here." Then by the time we were in the housing section you were ready to sign up!! I am so stinkin' happy for you I could just spit =) but I will refrain from that since I'm a lady n all.

You have now applied, I've sent your fee and you are one step closer to your acceptance letter. Nervous and excited all at the same time describes you right now in this moment. Joy. tear. Love you.

And of course there's that whole growing up thing. Yep, still trying to help you get there. You have one foot in teenage hood-and one step in adult-hood; makes for a difficult season, but I love you and am commited to help you through it all, even if it seems so hard sometimes. I am here for you and I love you so, and more importantly God loves you more than me. So lean hard on Him. He will help you find your way, I promise.

As of yesterday, you have blue hair. Enough said.

Love you for always ~~ mom


My Sweet Sir Cuteness,

This morning while I got dressed and Papa stretched I heard you say to your Papa, "Gamma loves Papa....the end." I love you SO much!!! And that is so are beautiful Sir Cuteness!

Also, you just came into me and took something from my hand, (you love to pretend and I LOVE that about you, we even have a dog in your pretend world, makes me happy, because we get a dog with none of the mess or allergy problems....anyway....) you came and took something from my hand and then you said, "I got Baby Jesus..." So I told you to make sure you take care of Him, to which you said you needed a cover, and grabbed one from me long distance. You are a complete joy, my grandbaby who is getting SO big!!!

Dak has blue hair......

Mama comes home from her cruise this week. You will be SO happy to see her. She has missed you SOOOOOOOOO much. She called one night this week after you'd had a hard day and was running a fever, to talk to you, but we couldn't wake you up. She was so sad, but then called back the next day and got to talk to you. It made her whole day I'm sure.

You are a shining star!!!

I love you to the moon ~~ gamma


My Mr. Winslow,

You are quiet, beautiful strength.

We are in hard season in our families right now, but we are trusting God and leaning hard on Him. You are such a strength to me.

Dak has blue hair....moving on.....

I am so proud and happy to be your Mrs. Winslow and pray that God will show us His glory in new and exciting ways as we trust in Him.

I love you Sweetie ~~ Petrii

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  1. What sweet letters! : )

    Thank you for all of your kind words. They mean so much to me!