Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Letters ~~

My Dear Dak,

Oh how time is just whizzing by us. We had your final College visit this week and what a visit it was. You have an audition for Concert Chorale, Show Choir and Chamber Choir, April 13th at Missouri Southern in Joplin (an hour and twenty mins from home....just sayin' =)

I was so proud of the way you handled yourself during your various "interviews". You are so stinkin' smart. You asked brilliant questions of the professors and just so cute and nervous the whole time. I love you.

For the record, your hair has turned a nice blueish-green, but not for long. On Tuesday, you will be going back to a more "normal" do. Afterall, you must look professional for your upcoming auditions. There are scholarships pending my boy. Oh I forgot to say (just for memories sake), you wil be taking a Concert piece and a Broadway Tune. You and your big personality are gonna get to shine in Broadway. WOO-HOO!!

I'm pretty sure I have settled on a card design for you graduation party, and things are rolling right along.

I love you for always ~~ mom


Oh Sir Cuteness,

You are a beautiful ham!!! I mean you LOVE the spotlight, but in kind of a descreet kinda way. You never really vie for it, it just always shines right on your newly haircutted head. You

This morning you woke us up by handing us imaginery ballons to me and PaPa and then we'd let them go and you'd hand us more. You are a complete joy to us.

This week is a big one for you, little one. On Wednesday, you go to see the Cardiologist about your heart. We love you so little one and our praying God's best for you in ALL things!!! We are praying for TOTAL healing and a heart that is perfectly healthy and well. By looking at you and watching you run around like you have four legs instead of two, you'd never know there was an issue at all.

Friday night, while I was on the computer, you grabbed a calendar and a pencil and started singing your ABC's We have been working on them, but you just took off singing them. You sang them four or five times and each time we'd holler and are so proud of yourself, and so are we. I mean that is pretty good for a TWO YEAR OLD and all =)

Love you to the moon sweet baby ~~ Gamma


Dear Dick,

This week has been another one of busyness and work and more busyness. You are designing Sir Cuteness a backyard playground, complete with climbing wall and jungle Jim. You are the best PaPa in the whole wide world. Hands down.

My car broke down yesterday and you came to my rescue. You are my hero. Now to get it fixed. sigh. We're not a fan of car problems. Hmpffff.

I love you my man ~~ Petrii

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  1. Dak is so talented. So excited for him and all that's opening up around him.

    And, I'm praying for Sky. Keep us posted.