Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Update and a little fun .....

So my mom is still in the hospital and we still don't know anything.
They are turning her over to an Orthopaedic doctor, but so far he/she hasn't been in.
So we wait.....
She is still in pain and unable to walk on her left leg, and we still don't know why.
She is on pain meds and they are keeping her comfortable.

Sir Cuteness's birthday was last Sunday.
Our little scoop of lovely G-babe turned 3 ~~ 3!!!
Can you believe it?!!

Well the week before his birthday, I took this video while we waited his mama to pick him up.
So stinkin' cute ~~ I can hardly stand it!!!
When he says he wants to be 2 again, I told him it doesn't really work that way,
to which he replies, I'll ask PaPa!!
Cracks me up!!! 
If Gamma can't fix it.....PaPa can!!!!!  =)


On the whole crafting end of things..... I have been working on some lovely projects and techniques and will be sharin some of my work soon.

I love you all so ~~ have a Blessed Day ~~


  1. Happy Birthday to Sir Cuteness and I can't believe he is!!

    Praying for your Mom and for relief from pain, Godly wisdom of the medical staff so they can diagnose and fix the issue and strength and patience for you all as you go through each day.

  2. Oh my word - that video is adorable! I cant believe how big he's getting!!! That little voice! And heck - I wouldnt mind going back & being 2 again myself. Start over again :)

    Bless your poor momma's heart. I'm with Gretta - praying for that staff that they can find the problem so they can fix her right back up!