Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Friday ~~

Well Good Beautiful Friday Morning to Y'all!!!!!

Yep, still here.
I know I haven't posted ALL WEEK,
and I don't even have a really good reason why.....
other than I've been really busy.....
Lots of things going on.....
All is well and I am back to writing and VLOG-ing =)
So here we go.....


Okay so I feel I MUST start with Sir Cuteness.....
This boy is a one-of-a-kind, kind of Cuteness.

Sir Cuteness has been on fortified iron vitamins for a long time.
I keep hoping they will take the boy off those awful, black liquid, craziness
and give him some tasty gummy chewables or something,
but so far, it's been all black, disgusting liquid.

So I thought I'd get smart this week and sneak them in his morning apple juice with breakfast.
I made sure that I was on the other side of the kitchen, so he couldn't see me,
and I put them in there, shook it up and brought it to him like normal.

He took a drink, and then another, and boy was I in trouble =)

He said, "Gamma, I told you not to put that black stuff in my juice!!" 
(insert very mean, very cute, but very mean looking face =)
(Oh and also insert, he didn't tell me, he didn't even know =)
So I laughed and told him I couldn't get anything past him.....
still mean, little ole cute face, now with hands on hips =)
And he said he didn't want it.
I explained to him he was going to have to drink it, either in the juice or just out of the dropper
(with me chasing him down of course, because that is what it had come to!)
So he decided juice was better.....SCORE!!!  =)

Then at lunch time he said, "Gamma, I need some juice, but this time NO black stuff!!"  =)
Oh how I love this boy!!!!!


So the last three weeks of the month, one day of the week, our library has story time for littles.
So Sir Cuteness and I have started going over and "Shaking Our Sillies" out, among other things =)
Well after we do that, and the "Hokey Pokey" and read a few stories and a craft and play on the flannel board and talk to Miss Adrian, we play in the kid's area in the Library itself.

So we had headed out, and he started playing.  There were lots of Littles around because of Story Time, so he was having fun watching them and even interacting a little bit.
Well there was this one little boy about a year or a year and a half younger than Sir Cuteness.
Well Sir Cuteness had a little chunky car he was playing with that came out of the bin, and this little boy came over and picked it up. 
Sir Cuteness looked at him and then at me and said, "He has my car." 
I assured him it would be okay and he could play with something else,
when Sir Cuteness walked over to the bins, grabbed out a monkey glove (for 5 Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed) and headed over to this little boy.
He went right over to him and very gently and sweetly said,
"Here is your Monkey Glove."
The little boy lays down the car, grabs the Monkey Glove, looks at his mama and starts playing.
Sir Cuteness grabs the car and comes over to me and starts playing once again like nothing ever happened.
The mama looks at me and said,
"That was brilliant!!" 
Insert BIG smile!!!
To which I smiled back and said,
"I'm sorry!"
To which she said,
"No really.  That was brilliant.  That's the best thing I've seen ALL day!!" 
Insert another BIG SMILE!!!
And no children were crying or snatching toys or anything.
Way to figure it out Sir Cuteness.
You and your awesome reasoning skills.
Insert BIG SMILE!!!!!  =)

So in other news:
Mr. Winslow and I will be headed back down to Hemmed-In Hollow tomorrow.


And in other news:
I started a new four week Bible study this week through "The Women's Bible Cafe".
It is Beth Moore's "Loving Well".
Oh can I just tell you.....
This is SO good!!!
Let me just give you a quote from the book:
"No one has ever seen God, but when we love beyond our abilities, people will see Him in us."

If you are in need of a shorter study to do before Beth Moore's James study comes out in November,
this may be the one for you.
You download the video's for $4.99 ea from Lifeway and watch one a week
and work in the journal.
It is so personal and relevant.
I am LOVING it so far!!!


In other news:
My washer is broke.
I'm headed back to the laundry mat this morning.
It is costing a FORTUNE to go to the laundry mat.
$1.25 for ONE load to wash.
.25 for 8 MINUTES of drying time.
I had 5 loads and spent $10.50.
I've over it.


In other news:
I get to see my college babes today.
Dak and I are gonna have coffee at Hebrews.....
(Y'all really need to come to MO just for Hebrews,
and why your here, stop by and see me =)
And then we're gonna head over to get him some Dorm Snacks.
Boy needs to eat and he's out of snackage.
So I'm gonna help a brother out!  =)
I love him so!!!!

My heart is so tender towards him and I can't wait to get a little time with him today.

And then after I take him back (he doesn't have classes on Friday),
I'm gonna pick up Leggs.
And we are going shopping.
Can I get a WOOT-WOOT?!!
She needs a pretty new dress for a wedding she is singing in tomorrow.
So happy to oblige!!
Then she is coming back home with me and we get to hang out this evening.
YAY for College Babe Time!!


In other news:
Yesterday, I did a Vlog for you on a project I started Wednesday evening and completed Thursday afternoon.  It was quick and easy and I LOVE the finished project,
well almost finished project.....

Well, I hope y'all have a Blessed and Beautiful weekend!!

I love you so ~~

Ephesians 3:16 "I pray that out of His glorious riches, you will be strengthened in power through His Spirit in your inner being."

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